Lucca (Made Men, #4). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lucca by Sarah Brianne

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Lucca was made the underboss, being what nightmares are made of. 

Chloe was scarred by her past, learning too young that nightmares are real. 

He has waited long enough to claim her soul, but he must take it from the devil first. 

Her soul might have been better off claimed by the devil. 

The only way to save her from her past is to delve into his. 

The world as she knows it will come crashing down. 


I’m the fu**ing boogieman. 

I’m just a fu**ing freak. 


Lucca is a beautiful monster!

This is hard to review without spoilers. I definitely loved this book but it was completely unexpected and it flipped every expectation of what I wanted to happen from previous books. I didn’t like Lucca prior to this book, and I was completely rooting for Amo getting together with Chloe. I mean Amo is a beast and a gentle giant but also a killer, but not quite the psychopath that Lucca is.

Lucca is basically stalking Chloe, then he kidnaps her but you have to read this because he is truly saving her in so many ways and though he is a psycho, he is great with her. It is so good.

It was never a good thing to see Lucca dressed in a suit and tie. When the boogieman did put on his black suit, it always meant one thing … Death would follow.


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