Fallen Melody (Fallen, #1), ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fallen Melody by Layna Snow

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Melody’s curiosity, stubbornness, and pride led her to sin. Being cast out of Heaven awakened the woman inside. Headstrong and full of wonder, she pushes forward into her new life, but out of every amazing thing to explore, the bodies of two men are on the top of her list.


Charming Caleb Price and his serious foster brother Seth de Cruce have worked hard to open their own vet practice in a tiny, cozy town. They struggled for years to get everything they ever wanted, but something was always missing. Her. But falling for an Angel was never part of their plan, and even if they can share her, can they protect her?


Passions burn, drawing them together while the world around them tries to tear them apart. When her identity, and her life, is on the line their bond is the only thing that holds them together. But even the strongest bonds can be broken. Will pain, fear and betrayal cause them to crumble, or will they rise above it all? 

Fallen Melody

A Fallen Angel in trouble.

I really like fallen angel stories. There was a time, a few years back, when I loved them so much I searched for them exclusively and wanted to read about nothing but the fallen. This book had a lot of promise and in some ways lived up to my expectations and in some ways, I think it could have been a bit better. Let me see if I can get through these without giving too much away.

The story was about the Angel Melody and it begin with her fall which it explains is really just her last flight from Heaven to Earth after being kicked out of Heaven. Once she lands on earth, however, her wings are basically ripped off her in the most painful way by some unseen force and she is left bleeding and screaming in the forest. She is found by Caleb and Seth who are former foster brothers who now live together and recently opened a veterinary clinic together and live a few hundred feet away from it.

They Caleb brings her into the clinic to see if Seth can help her since the nearest doctor is over an hour away. After cleaning her off they discover that she heals almost immediately. Melody tells them that she is a fallen angel and they soon believe her due to the evidence. Melody stays with them and after a while they both start to develop feelings for her and the town starts to hear of her accelerated healing after another incident. And after that thing begin to happen and it seems she might be in danger.

That is all I will say about the plot. The romance between Melody, Cayley and Seth is very steamy and is not insta-love. It develops over the course of the book though they are intimate a few times. The storyline about the danger is very good and suspenseful and I really enjoyed it because it kept me guessing as to who was involved and why. However, when it all came out, I was still left with questions as to why certain things happened and what motives were.

The only other thing I had issue with was how unworldly and naive she was. I can see how she could be unaware of earthly customs if she had never been to earth as an Angel. However she was a judgment Angel, so she supposedly saw the things that evil people did, so could she really be that naive? Also The book never really explained her age. She said she was 40, though she looked 20 and all the books I have read before said all the Angels were created thousands of years ago, long before humans, so shouldn’t she be much older than 40?

Lastly, the ending sets up the next book in the series and it tells who one of the characters is, but it doesn’t mention the name of the other and I am hoping it is another very mysterious character that played a role in this book that was in many of the scenes that involved the questions I was left with. So I am hoping he is also in that book. I really liked him, he was a huge Warrior Angel who purposely fell from Heaven for his own reasons. I want to know more about him. Overall this book was very good and I do plan on reading the next book. So I do recommend it!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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