Humpany (The Booty Call Series #3). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Humpany by Frankie Love

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

The set-up: A booty call

The surprise: We love one another’s humpany.

The shock: We’re a hell of a lot closer than we should be.

Pillowtalk was never a turn on but that was before Camille entered my life..

booty calls may get a bad wrap, but I’ve never had humpany like this.

Like her.

She’s gorgeous, hilarious, and when we’re together, the world disappears.

But then I open the front door and realize we’ve forgotten to mention one very important detail.

A detail that changes everything.

She may be the humpany of my dreams but I can never see her again.

Can I?


I am loving this series!

This series truly couldn’t be cuter, it has just the right amount of steam, silly wit and a nice story to keep me interested. I really couldn’t take more than four, but I am seriously liking these a lot. This one was truly a gem and I think Humpany is my new favorite word. My boyfriend is going to get sick of it!

This book is about Andre and Camille who were both introduced in the previous books. Andre is a firefighter and he is a friend of Navy Seal Lance Easton from the Book “Bootyversary”. Camille is one of them friends that are partners in the Hot Wheels Roller Rink that features in all the books in this series. Both Andre and Camille attended Lance and Peyton’s Wedding and we’re attracted to each other but Camille left very early before Andre could get her number.

So Andre goes home to his bachelor pad and is feeling lonely so he decides to try a new booty call app that the guys at the firehouse have been raving about. He sets up his profile, takes a selfie and starts checking out girls to find a match. Other than a bunch of plastics he can’t find much until he comes across Camille and messages her. She responds and they end at his place.

“You want me to stay?”
“Yeah, I do.”
That cocky grin of his has my knees turning to jelly.
“I enjoy your humpany.”
I laugh. “My what?”
“Your humpany.” His eyes twinkle with humor. “You know, a booty call that turns into great company.”

From there Andre and Camille start to find they have a lot in common and really like each other but some crazy roadblocks get put in their path and some other twists and turns happen to make them see what is really important. It is a good story overall and is hot and steamy as well. Plus I just love their humpany!


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