Bootyversary (The Booty Call Series #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bootyversary by Frankie Love

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Bootyversary [boo-tee-ver–sa-ry] noun: when someone has had the same booty call for a year.

The issue: Peyton’s sworn off military men.

The compromise: A booty call when I’m on leave.

The reason tonight changes everything: It’s our one-year BOOTYVERSARY.

It’s supposed to be magic – me telling her she’s the one.

But Peyton has other ideas.

And she sure as hell isn’t prepared to wear a ring.


I’m not giving up on her.

Not now, not ever … not even when she totally drops a bomb I never expected!


This is such a fun tongue in cheek series!

Like I said in my review yesterday, I bought all four of these books a while ago and since I liked the first one so much, I figure I might as well read all four in a row. One of the things I dislike about short reads is that they often lack much of a story, but these books aren’t lacking in story at all. These have story, steam and they are cute to boot!

Another thing I often dislike in short reads is the fact that it often almost takes longer to find the right gif or pictures for them and write the review than it does to read the book. Well almost anyway. Some would say just skip the gifs and pics since they don’t show up in the feeds anyway. But I like finding just the right ones and I love to look at the ones other people post. Also I always include some in my blog so why not have them in my GR review as well.

Back to my review of this book. It was a charming story about Peyton and Lance who have been doing the booty call thing for a while. This time they meet up is actually their bootyversary. Lance would like for things to get more serious because he grew up in foster homes and never really had any kind of family other than his brothers in the Navy seals.

Peyton, however, absolutely does not want to get serious with Lance since he is a Seal like her Father and is only around about 25% of the time. In fact this is the first time he has been home in three months and he is only back for a few days.

This book relates to the book I reviewed yesterday called “Bootyagamy” in that Peyton is friends with Kendall. They and two other friends opened the Hot Wheels Roller Rink together. I will next be reading about the third friend in the book, “Humpany”. Great names and great covers. I think they each have two covers, one with a girl n roller skates and one with a shirtless guy in jeans from the backside. The second is the one I’m liking!


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