Mad Love (Slateview High, #3) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Mad Love by Eva Ashwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Our love doesn’t make sense.

But it might be the only thing that saves us.

After the bombshell my father dropped on me, it feels like my whole world is unraveling.

Everything I was brought up to believe has turned out to be a lie, and this life that looks so perfect from the outside is anything but.

There’s only one thing that feels real anymore. One thing I can trust.

The Lost Boys are mine.

And I’m theirs.

No matter what.

This is the final book in the Slateview High series, a reverse harem bully romance. It contains mature themes and very steamy scenes.

Mad Love

I love it! So much drama, excitement and suspense.

What a great way to end this stellar series. This ended up being so different than your standard reverse harem bully romance! It had intrigue, suspense, crime, dark characters in a mafia type criminal world. There are the Lost Boys who work for a crime boss and there is another large crime boss who may or may not gain enough power to start a war.

Then there is Cordelia (a.k.a. Cora) our heroine who worked so hard in the first two books to get her father out of prison only to find out that he cares much more about status and money than he ever did about her and he thinks he could have gotten out on his own so he doesn’t even thank her for all she did for him.

Cora is starting to think her father deserves to be in prison and wishes she never got him out. She is having trouble sneaking out to see the Bishop, Kace, and Misael as well. Her father keeps putting her together with Barrett King despite the fact that she told him how much she dislikes him.

This book all plays out in ways I could never have guessed and the surprises keep coming one after another. I totally loved it. The romance was super steamy just like the first two books. I didn’t think I would like all the crime aspects of this series but I really ended up loving it all! Though the “Lost boys” and Cora were all seniors in high school they were all way older than their years.

The guys had all grown up in foster care and had been through a lot at young ages and they had been working in a criminal organization for a few years as well because their foster parents were in it for the money only and were never around and didn’t spend the money on them. So they had to make enough money for their own food, clothing and necessities.

Cora, though she had grown up as a rich princess, had never gotten any love from her parents, they were basically strangers to her. She was basically raised by staff who were paid to be there at certain times of the day. So she also was older than her years. Overall I really loved this series, it was original and creative.


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