Wild Girl (Slateview High, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Wild Girl by Eva Ashwood

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Bishop, Kace, and Misael promised to protect me.

But after what they did, can I protect them?

In the aftermath of a single gunshot, my life seems to be splitting apart at the seams.

Nathaniel can never discover what my boys did, but keeping it hidden from him may be harder than we hope.

Especially since I’m still being pulled between two loyalties, two halves of myself.

Between duty and love.

Between my old life and my new one.

My father still insists he’s innocent, and even though the Lost Boys despise him, I’m determined to prove he doesn’t belong in prison.

I want answers.

But if I start pulling at these threads, will my life unravel entirely?

This is the second book in the Slateview High series, a reverse harem bully romance. It contains mature themes and steamy scenes. 

Wild Girl

A steamy reverse harem romance with a criminal twist.

Despite this book being set in a high school it is definitely one of the steamier reverse harem books. I have read a few of the reverse harem books that are set in high school and they may have a girl that is in love with multiple guys and they with her but they really are just good friends, not a true harem. This one gets pretty steamy in a few scenes and it goes as far as saying the main characters all kiss each other in school and the entire school knows about it and is ok with the situation and just sees it as normal. So they are basically out as a polyamorous relationship.

The heroine Cora is no longer bullied by any of the students at the public high school where she goes to school and her three guys, “The Lost Boys” Bish, Kace, and Misael all have feelings for her and protect her against any and all threats against her. Including a new kid who works for a rival of their boss, who is a crime lord named Nathaniel.

Cora is still trying to find out who framed her father and put him in prison, if he was in fact framed, or if he actually committed the crime he was put in jail for. However it is pretty dangerous because the last time she tried to find information, she almost got herself killed.

Cora is also trying to figure out how her Mom got that new car and where she has been going all the time. She keeps telling herself that maybe her Mom got a job but it really doesn’t make sense. So she doesn’t really want to think about what her Mom might be doing. But every time she asks her Mom, she tells Cora not to worry about it and it is all taken care of.

I love all the mystery and suspense in the storylines, how you don’t know much about the boys jobs but you know what they do is illegal and that it could possibly have something to do with why Cora’s Dad is in prison, but you hope not. Then there was the huge cliffhanger at the end of the last book which was awesome and what’s even better is that it doesn’t get resolved in the first few paragraphs of this book. It actually takes ¾ of the book before it gets all the way resolved and there is another even better cliffhanger at the end of this book.

Some people really hate cliffhangers, and I do as well when the next book isn’t out yet but when the next book is already out and especially when I already have it or it is on Kindle Unlimited. I actually love a really good cliffhanger and this one is really juicy! I can’t wait to dig in to the next book. I only wish I didn’t have to sleep tonight.


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