Cruel Cravings. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cruel Cravings by Jordan Grant

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

An Enemies to Lovers Standalone

I met him my first day at Livingston Prep. I thought he was my friend, but beauty is a cruel deceiver. He orchestrated the (second) worst moment of my life. He is my enemy.

Yet his electric blue eyes and hair as black as night haunt my dreams. His kisses, sinfully sweet, still poison my lips.

I am twenty-one year old, Cora Nambett. Fresh churned ground covers my father. Multiple Sclerosis threatens to paralyze my mother. We are about to lose our home.

Desperation sends me to his door.

Blood will bind my promise to him.

Hate will help me survive.

Cruel Cravings

The main storyline hit the mark, the back story veered away.

The main storyline in this was the hate to love story between the two main characters and I really enjoyed that story. It started out looking almost like a bully romance though the heroine Cora and the Hero Alexander have been out of high school for years now. They hate each other due to something that happened in the private high school that Cora attended on academic scholarship where Alex and his friends were he richest of the rich.

As the story progresses we are shown in flashbacks what happened in high school to between Cora and Alex. I think a lot of the back story and world building was done well, and the character development was very good, especially of Cora, Alex, her Mother, her best friend and Alex’s friends. However some of the background information didn’t really seem to fit or maybe just wasn’t explained well enough for me.

Alex and his friends all have fathers that are really awful men and they are involved in some terrible dealings, possibly mafia, and Alex and his friends wanted to get out from under their father’s thumbs. But when Cora first went to Alex to make a deal with him, she was going on about how successful he was in his own right. How he had successful businesses all over the city and millions of dollars, certainly enough that he didn’t blink when she needed him to pay her mother’s mortgage and give her mother a hundred grand to live on for a few years. So why would he be under his father’s thumb?

Anyway, other than the fact that I didn’t really get that one piece of information, I really liked the book. And some times, to tell you the truth, I read so fast I think I might miss some pertinent information where something like that could possibly have been explained so if it was, I apologize. Though I don’t think it was.

Who really cares anyway. The passion between Alexander and Cora was off the charts. Cora’s Mom has Multiple Sclerosis and her Dad was sick with Cancer so Cora had to quit college (where she was studying to be a nuclear physicist or something equally amazing), in order to take care of her father. Cora ends up working at a Food-N-All to pay the bills.

When her Father passed away, the the house was about to go into foreclosure and the only way to save it for her Mother was to make a deal with Alex. Alex’s family was known for making deals for money in exchange for flesh or servitude. She knew he would be cruel about it but it was her last resort.

The chemistry between Alex and Cora is crazy hot and the romance is both steamy and sweet. Overall I liked the book and I would read more from this author. I really like authors that do stand-alone books. Sometimes it is just a pain to get involved in a whole new series.


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