The Man Within (Breeds, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Man Within (Feline Breeds, #2)

The Man Within by Lora Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

He had protected Roni when she was a child, filled all her teenage fantasies, and when she became a woman, he stole her heart. Only to break it. 

Now, fifteen months later, the news is out. Taber, the man she loves, is one of the genetically altered Feline Breeds, who have shocked the world with their presence. He’s also her mate. The mark on her neck attests to that. The fire that rages in her heart and in her body further proves it. But he didn’t want her then; does he really want her now? 

Deceit and treachery, born in the past, now haunt the present as Taber and Roni fight to make sense of their sudden bonding. The mating of heart, body, and soul as the man and the beast within him merge; both battling the forces raging against the union and dominance over the woman he claimed.

The Man Within

Another great Breeds story!

I am really liking these books. They are good stories that are building and changing. The first was about the fact that they were genetically engineered from humans animal DNA and born from surrogate mothers in a lab environment. From then on they were basically experimented on, trained and tortured until they finally escaped.

Then the escaped feline Breeds went into hiding from the powerful Genetics Council that created them and the council kept sending mercenaries after them. This book is about Taber and Roni who first met when the original family from book 1 was in hiding. Taber found Roni when she was 11 and protected her often. She work at his auto Mechanic Garage from the time she was 16 Till she was 22 and they were attracted to each other. They were almost together but someone got in the way. The chemistry between them is explosive. And the plot keeps you interested throughout.

There are over 30 of these Breeds books overall. Not all of them are feline breeds. I can see myself wanting to read quite a few if not all of them. The romances are hot as Hell and the storylines are great.


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