Dawn’s Awakening (Breeds, #11). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dawn’s Awakening by Lora Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

New in the sexy paranormal series that put Lora Leigh on the bestseller lists. Leigh draws readers into her stories and takes them on a sensual roller coaster.* An erotic thrill ride about genetically altered Breeds with feline DNA-and the humans who arouse their lust. The runt of the lab she was created in, Dawn Daniels endured years of torture by her pride brother and the council soldiers. Finally freed from her torment, she’s now a Breed Enforcer, in control of her own life. Until she’s assigned to protect the one man destined to be her mate- and realizes it’s far too easy to lose total control. 

Dawn’s Awakening

Action Packed and full of Intrigue, Suspense and Romance

This book centers on Dawn who is the most traumatized of the original pride of feline breeds. She was repeatedly raped from the time she was a child until the time Callan killed all of the soldiers and scientists in the labs when she was around 15. She suppressed all of those memories but her evil brother Dayan kept DVDs of her rapes and tortured her even after the escape by forcing her to watch them. Even though he was killed in book 1, Dawn has been continually tormented by nightmares.

Businessman Seth Lawrence met Dawn in a previous book when his half-sister Roni was Mated to Taber and his father wanted to get to know her. Seth was immediately like attracted to Dawn and apparently they were mates but Callan and Jonas showed him the DVDs and warned him to stay away saying she couldn’t handle a sexual relationship. So he has stayed away for 10 years though both of them have suffered from the mating heat ever since.

Now Seth is in danger and Dawn has been assigned to the team protecting him. She finds out that while she still suffers from the mating heat, he hasn’t for the last few years and he has been with other women and may be getting engaged. She is determined to get her mate as well as to protect him from the threat to his life. There is a lot of angst, intrigue, suspense, steamy, hot sex and everything else that is great about these books. This one also sets up a future story so it can’t be skipped.


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