Styx’s Storm (Breeds, #16). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Styx’s Storm by Lora Leigh

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

When Storme Montague’s father and brother are killed by the Breeds, her father’s research is also destroyed — except for a crucial data chip that both the Council and the Breeds would kill to possess. Betrayed to the Council, she is rescued by Styx, a Wolf Breed who is different from most other Breeds she has ever known. Storme has something he wants too — but it’s not a data chip.

There’s never been a woman who bad boy Styx couldn’t seduce. But can the charmer of the Wolf Breeds charm the enemy?

Or has the enemy come up with a plan of her own? A plan that could destroy the tentative balance the Breeds have created in society and among their allies — and that may ultimately destroy them both… 

Styx’s Storm

His kisses taste like chocolate and cinnamon

I was jealous in earlier books when one of the breeds had aphodiasiac hormones in his tongue that made his kisses taste like spices and honey, even more so in the last book when Jonas’s kisses tasted like cinnamon and cloves, but Styx has kisses that taste like chocolate and cinnamon. If there is a breed that has kisses tasting like chocolate and peanut butter I just might have fall in love for real.

The story on this one was good. Styx didn’t have as much depth as some of the other breeds, he is a lover and an enforcer. He is a huge Scottish guy with a love of chocolate, so no wonder that his mating gland aphrodisiac happens to taste like chocolate. He also was not tortured in the labs like other breeds, his grandfather raised him but it sort of confused me as to whether his grandfather was really his father or not, maybe I should have read that part over again. Now his grandfather lives in Haven and has a mate so they often talk.

Storme’s father and brother were scientists in a Coyote lab and they loved the breeds even more than they loved Storme. Storme only saw the breeds in the worst part of the lab where they were more animal than human and locked in cages, so she feared them. When the lab was freed, those breeds killed her father and brother in front of her, so she has hated them ever since. She has been running for her life while holding a computer chip her father gave her ever since she was 14, for 10 years.

Jonas finds out that Styx and her are compatible mates, so sends Styx out after her in order to get the chip, which he thinks has answers to help his daughter that was given an injection by Phillip Brandenmore the evil pharmaceutical CEO trying to study the reversal of aging. Though Jonas is always manipulative, he also knows that bringing together mates ends in happiness for both parties, and he knows that getting Storme off the streets and keeping her out of the hands of the council is best for her. So he is never as bad as he seems.


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