Samantha. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Samantha by Penny Anglene

My rating: 3 of 5 stars.


Abandoned at an orphanage as an infant, not allowed to be adopted out, I’ve always craved family, to belong. My life was about fighting and scratching for everything I wanted or needed. Seeing him, knowing he was what I wanted, I pursued him but why do I keep pushing him away when I know he is it for me. Trust is a big issue for me, If I can’t trust him, I’m going to lose him. With a life of hardships, it makes trust nearly impossible.


I watched her through windows and stalked her. She didn’t even know it. Then I introduced myself in the most unconventional way. Samantha is it for me. Now to make her see it. Then everything went to shit, it exploded all around us. Although I didn’t lie to her, omitting the truth was just as bad. What can I do to show her it’s not always like this. I need to make her see that I would love her unconditionally if she would just stop running.


Extremely Realistic MC Romance!

I didn’t quite know what to think when I first started reading this book. The writing is not the best at the beginning though it gets better as it goes. I think that what bothered me was that the characters were just too crass. Both the Hero and the heroine cursed non-stop and were yelling at each other and everyone else more than they talked normally.

I think the author was trying to go with authenticity and what a motorcycle club really is like, but I can imagine that an MC and the people involved are not your society elite. I know they are probably a crass, lewd and foul-mouthed bunch. However I really don’t like it in a romance.

Also I could tell that the author is fairly new because in some places things are described in every detail, such as how the heroine, Samantha is cleaning her house and putting in some laundry and then in the next load switching out the clothes in the washer to the dryer and putting a new load in the was. However, I don’t think she ever even described the Hero, Dog other than how big his dick was when she pierced it.

I nearly quit reading the book at about 15%, but ended up sticking it out because I got it as an advanced reader copy, and I committed to it. I soon found out that despite all the foul language and screaming, there is a pretty good story and I ended up reading it all the way through.

There are really two separate storylines but they stem from the same. Basically our heroine Samantha falls for Dog who is in a Motorcycle Club. She goes as his date to a barbecue they are holding and once she gets a look at how the women ate treated by the men in the club, she doesn’t like it.

The men try to “keep their women in line”, and if the women talk back to them, they punish the women. Also they pretty much treat the women as second class citizens even though they are technically part of the club just like the men. The women don’t need to know club business, they are expected to do women’s work like cooking and cleaning, and they aren’t supposed to argue with their men in front of the rest of the club.

Samantha is outspoken and independent and won’t stand for that kind of treatment and she talks some of the other women into the same. This causes trouble between the club president, Capone and his old lady Jenny. Capone eventually comes after Samantha and Jenny. So the club has to protect them.

The story is pretty good and I did like a lot of it. So I will give this three out of five stars. The romance between Dog and Samantha had a lot of ups and downs in a very short time. Also, there were just some very odd things that happened. Sam would at times start screaming at people and then just go nuts on them until she didn’t know where she was or what she was doing and then she would pass out. It had to do with her background growing up unloved, but it was just weird. But overall the book was worth reading and especially the way the that Dog and Samantha first met!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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