HARD LIMIT: He’s got the baddest superpower of all… (HARD Series, #4). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

HARD LIMIT: He’s got the baddest superpower of all… by Chloe Fischer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

Aiden’s story is the hottest one yet…  

Aiden turned his back on his twin, the only blood family he had, a long time ago; their disagreement about how to use their powers driving a wedge between the two. 

Then just when things with his little daughter get tense, Sage, a child psychologist appears in his life, and the connection between Aiden and her is cataclysmic. 

Now his family has turned up, and it turns out he has not one, but three brothers, all with powers of their own. And they need his help to fight the organization that tore them all apart when he was a baby, and is now threatening his daughter. 

But how can he drag Sage into this mess? He should cut her loose so she stays safe from Oculus…and from him. 

Sage isn’t going to let him to put her somewhere safe and fight this battle without her. She’s going to be there, by his side…and in his bed, if she has anything to say about it. Whether he “allows” it or not. 

Hard Limit

I wouldn’t say it’s the baddest superpower of them all, maybe the most powerful.

Aiden has the power to control the weather. I wouldn’t say it is the baddest superpower of them all. Possibly it could be the most powerful. He used it when he and his twin brother Xander were teens to have a snow day and skip school. He didn’t really want to, but Xander talked him into it and the resulting blizzard conditions killed a friend waiting at the bus stop. Aiden didn’t use his powers much after that and hasn’t gotten along with his Identical twin either.

Now he has an eight year old daughter Audrey and he also looks after his sister Sarah who is in a mental institution after killing their abusive parents. His wife died two years ago after a long bout of cancer. Audrey has been having a difficult time at school and getting into trouble a lot. The principal has talked to Aiden multiple times, but Aiden is not good at disciplining an eight year old who lost her mother.

The principal speaks to a psychologist and asks he to talk to the family and start seeing Audrey. The Psychologist, Sage goes to see Aiden and Audrey and there is an immediate attraction between Sage and Aiden. They go on a date after her first appointment with Audrey and it is steamy. They don’t make it to the restaurant. I won’t give away any more spoilers but there is more romance, family reunions and action with Oculus. It is a page turner.


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