Sold To The King (Highest Bidder, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sold to the King by Carmen Falcone

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

I’m less than a week away from being crowned king. 

To celebrate my last days of freedom, I’m indulging in all kinds of hedonistic activities —including attending the coveted Virgin Auction. 

When I see Izzy on stage, I forget where I am. She’s gorgeous. I must have her. At any cost.

Even if only for three weeks.

Even if it can only ever be temporary.

And especially because it’s the last time I can do something for myself and not what’s best for my country.

I’m bound by duty and honor, but for the next few weeks I get to have my American cake and eat her too… one decadent bite at a time.

Sold To The King

Super Steamy Romance and Enjoyable Story.

I was a bit surprised that I like this as much as I did. Generally books with so many steamy scenes don’t have much of a story. However I liked this one, despite not really understanding her motives all the time. I liked the characters and the fact that the heroine, Izzy, is trying to find out what happened to her stepmother.

What I didn’t really like is the fact that she seemed a little bent more on revenge than justice at times and she didn’t seem to care how much it affected the man she is claiming to be falling in love with. The Hero, Nassor, is the king Regent of the African nation of Gwokon (fake country with a silly name in my opinion). Being the King regent means he is soon becoming the King, because his uncle who has Alzheimer’s is abdicating the thrown.

Being a new King, Nassor is starting his reign at a disadvantage because he was shunned from the kingdom as a child since he was born to the King’s sister out of wedlock and he wasn’t raised being trained to be a king. However he wants to make a lot of changes to bring the nation into the twenty first century. He wants to improve the economy, healthcare and other things. In order to do that he needs a chance.

Though Izzy wants to find out how her stepmother was murdered in the country and bring it out into the open. Even though it happened under his Uncles rule, Nassor knows that a scandal like that could hurt his rule if it comes out at the very beginning of his reign. Not to mention if his enemies find out that he purchased Izzy in a Virgin auction for thirty days.

I enjoyed how this played out, though not always liking Izzys actions. I also liked that this was a completely different setting than most books I have read. I don’t read a lot of interracial love stories but I genuinely liked this one. Though there really was no issue with the fact that they were from different races, more so because she was from America and he became a king. Tradition also calls for him to marry multiple women, which was a big issue in the story as well, and handled nicely.

This was a stand-alone romance and it was extremely steamy. I give it a heat index of 5 out of 5 flames. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. I liked the steamy scenes, the wording wasn’t too flowery but wasn’t too crass either. I think it was just perfect for the tone of the book, which I really liked. I don’t know about you but when the intimate scenes have language that is overly poetic or flowery, I end up laughing and when it is too crass, it is like reading bad porn.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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