Viscous Looks (Viscous City, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Vicious Looks (Vicious City #1)

Vicious Looks by Loki Renard

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Kitty’s crossed the wrong people, and now her life is is in danger. 

I have the power to save her. But I’m no hero. 

She’ll pay her dues. 

Obey my rules. 

Kitty’s going to work for me. 

If she’s a good Kitty, she’ll be well compensated. 

If she’s a bad Kitty, my bed awaits. 

This city rewards the strong, punishes the weak, and destroys the innocent. 

So do I. 

Viscous Looks

Very original. I liked it.

I read the prequel, Vicious Tease also, which I got from Loki Renards website. That was a nice starter as well. This story has Kitty, a courier for some of NYC’s criminals getting kidnapped by one of the worst of them, a guy named Vicious. He is far out of the league of clients that she usually takes on. But he has been following her courier career since she began and wants her to work for him.

He is attracted to her and knows that some bad people are out to kill her. They have killed everyone involved with one of her early deliveries that she knew nothing about. He is able to protect her. There is also some BDSM, he is into punishment and it turns out she gets turned on by pain. I am fine with all that and I like how the story isn’t traditional crime or mafia, but is about couriers and other aspects of crime.

One thing I didn’t like is at the end he tells her to get on her knees at his feet and that is how she should be whenever they are in the apartment. I hate that sort of thing, where women are like pets or something. It really disgusts me. I mean it just is not sexy at all to say I am a man so I get to be nice and comfortable in a chair and you can sit on the floor at my feet like a dog. I would say f*** that jerk. I am outta here. I will take my chances on the streets. Though I knew what I was getting into from the blurb, so I shouldn’t really complain about it.


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