Drew (For the Love of a Good Woman, #4). ⭐️⭐️

Drew (For The Love Of A Good Woman #4)

Drew by Giulia Lagomarsino

My rating: 2 of 5 stars.

Drew is a new beginnings romance and the fourth book in the series, For The Love Of A Good Woman. It can be read as a standalone, but the characters are intertwined in the whole series.

Iris. I swear I could feel her on the breeze, standing here in the serenity of the country. She was my life, my dreams, my love, my wife, but above all that, she was my reason for being. I closed my eyes as memories of the smell of her perfume wafted around me, pulling me into a daydream of her walking toward me and teasing me. I could see her beautiful, huge smile that lit up my whole world. Her sharp, blue eyes sparkled as she gazed at me, my chest aching, knowing this was all a dream. Still, I kept my eyes closed, relishing in every piece of her I took with me six years ago. Her long, chestnut hair was blowing in the breeze as she walked closer to me, her voice floating in the wind. I could feel her hand resting against my chest as she leaned in to whisper in my ear. 

“I’m forever yours, Drew. Nothing can take me from you.” 

How do you move on when you lose the love of your life in such a tragic way? Even seven years later, getting over the woman that you planned to spend your life with and have a family with seems impossible. When that person is so ingrained in who you are, is there really any hope of creating a life you can be happy with, let alone finding someone new to love? 

When Sarah walked into Drew’s life and interrupted his most intimate moments with his dead wife, he cursed her and vowed that he would never like this woman. She was a screw up and possessed something that was so precious to him, but just out of reach. Their paths continued to cross in ways that left him angry and confused, until one day he found himself becoming intrigued with his new neighbor and needing to know what it was that drew him to her. Could he move on from the woman he loved more than anything in this world, or would he find himself unable to let her go when the time came? 

My life went from blissfully wonderful to completely devastating in a matter of hours. No longer able to live the life I once had, I was forced to become someone new. Even the gift that I was given wasn’t enough to bring me out of my depressed state. Still, I had no choice but to move forward with my life and make the most of the last and greatest gift I was given. No one would ever be able to know who I am or the secrets I carry. I would forever be another woman who couldn’t even properly mourn what had been lost. My new neighbor, Drew, was surly and completely hateful, at least he was with me. For some reason, I set him on edge and made him lash out at me. When we finally fell on someone even ground, would I be able to give him what he needed or were the secrets I held just too much of a burden to truly move forward? 


Disappointed! 😕

I was looking forward to Drew’s story when I read about him in Jack’s book. He was such a great friend to Harper and such an ongoing mystery man in the rest of the books so far that I couldn’t wait for his story, but I was pretty disappointed in this. Given that Jack and Harper broke her door having sex the first day they met and Logan and CeCe were getting steamy in the club right off the bat, I was sort of disappointed that this was such a slow burn.

We knew that Drew was getting over a relationship, it turns out that he was married and his wife died of Cancer over 6 years ago. He meets his new neighbor Sarah who is also mysterious and turns out to be pregnant but will not give up details on her situation. So I can see why this would be more of a slow burn. Two people getting over old loves, especially with one pregnant. However, who wants to read a romance where the entire book is two people pining over other people instead of being hot for each other.

The pining, the guilt, the sorrow the lost love. There was only one or two scenes that really showed attraction between these two characters, otherwise they seemed like two good friends that just became comfortable together because they were both lonely. The one love scene basically just said they made love and that was it. So disappointing and not sexy. I struggled through the book till the end and wish I hadn’t. I want to read about Sebastian but now am a bit wary.


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