The Rebel of Raleigh High (Raleigh Rebels, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Rebel of Raleigh High (Raleigh Rebels #1)

The Rebel of Raleigh High by Callie Hart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

* The Rebel of Raleigh High is the first book in the Raleigh Rebels Series. Please be advised, this book comes with a trigger warning. Intended for readers 17+ * 


Hit me. 

Kick me. 

Hurt me. 

Hate me. 

There’s nothing that the students of Raleigh High can do to Silver Parisi anymore. Over the past year, she’s had to endure more pain and suffering than most people are asked to bear in their lifetimes. She’s a pariah, an outcast, a ghost. She’s also never been one to take shit lying down, though…despite what half the football team might say. 

With only one hundred and sixty-eight days left of the school year, it won’t be long until graduation, and Silver’s planning on skipping town and leaving Raleigh firmly in her rearview mirror… 

Until he comes along… 






Alex Moretti’s earned most of his labels, and he’s not ashamed of a single one of them. He’ll earn far worse before he’s finished with his new found ‘friends’ at Raleigh High. Having spent years being ground down under the boot heel of society, it’s time for a little payback. And if exacting revenge upon the heads of the Raleigh elite means he can also help the beautiful girl who hovers in the shadows, then that’s all for the better. 

Oil and water. Fire and ice. The differences between Silver and Alex are broader than any chasm. To reach one another, they must take a leap of faith and fall into the divide. 

And falling? 

Nothing good ever came from falling. 

The Rebel of Raleigh High

Not your typical bad boy meets awkward girl story

I really liked this book though most of it was not all that original, I have read stories before where the girl used to be in with the popular crowd and something happened between her and her besties or a traumatic event happened to make her a loner that was just waiting for her senior year to end so she could hightail it out of dodge. Then the bad boy comes to town and picks her instead of all the popular girls vying for his attention.

This book has all that, though I could read that formula over and over if the author does it well. The bad boy has to be smokin hot, which Alex definitely is. He is full of tats despite his young age, he looks like he is 21, works in a strip club, lives on his own, has a killer body and rides a Motorcycle. He had to switch schools because after digging up the grave of the jerk foster dad who beat him, he was caught pissing on the dead body.

Silver is a loner at her school and a pariah and catches his attention right away. Like I said, this story has more twists and turns than the standard bad boy story with jealousy and possessive behavior. There is much more action and drama. It held my attention throughout and surprised me with some unexpected events.


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