Bastien’s Bite (The Light Summoners, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Bastien's Bite (The Light Summoners, #1)

Bastien’s Bite by C.A. Worley

My rating: 3 of 5 stars.

Alina Ray has always lived quiet life. When she starts having problems with a group of creepy supernaturals, she turns to her witch friend, Shane, for help. She never imagined his solution would be to push her into the arms of the city’s most powerful vampire. Will Alina resist what’s offered, or will she fall prey to Bastien’s bite?

Bastien James has been living the high life. He has money, power, and a different female on his arm every night. When he meets Alina, he realizes his life has had no real purpose. Keeping her safe seems to be his new reason for living. Bastien plans to help Alina navigate her new reality—for the rest of their immortal lives.

***Each book in The Light Summoners Series can be read as a standalone and comes complete with lots of steam and a HEA.

Bastien’s Bite

Short but good!

This was a good Vampire tale though it was pretty short (>75 pages) and could have used a few more details to make it better. The heroine, Alina is a Light Summoner which is basically a psychic that has extra blood and energy after getting a vision and that is causing her to have seizures. These wraith’s are after her so her friend Shane who is a witch helps her by introducing her to a powerful Vampire named Bastien.

Bastien turns out to be her mate but also knows what she is and how to help her. He knows what the Wraiths are and why they are after her. It is a good storyline but it all seems a bit too rushed. I think the author could go into some of these things with a bit more detail, especially the romance between the two main characters. But overall for a quick read, I did like the story.


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