Lie Till I Believe. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lie Till I Believe

Lie Till I Believe by Jude Ann

My rating: 3 of 5 stars.

Coping with deep regret after a failed attempt to end her life is simple when Grace decides to live in numbness. She is determined not to feel anything. It’s the only way to escape her past demons, and build the life she’s always wanted.

She moves to New York City, opens her own floral shop, and plans to have a place of her own to live. So when a rent-free opportunity comes along, she doesn’t hesitate to knock on his door. The agreement seems cut and dry: Ian offers her a place to stay, providing she cooks dinner every night.

She sees it as a great deal, and the way her gorgeous roommate eats her up and down doesn’t hurt either.

As the two grow closer, Grace begins to break out of her numbness. Ian makes her feel safe again. He helps her face her past, and experience the long-buried feelings of hurt, anger, pain, and guilt. 

But things aren’t as picture-perfect as they seem as Grace increasingly becomes entangled in a roller-coaster relationship with her mysterious roommate.

Ian is successful, handsome, intelligent and attentive to her every need. But He’s reticent about his past, not willing to open up and be real with her.

Feeling something is missing, Grace is adamant to help Ian open up. Talk. Heal. But it’s not an easy task. Deep down she knows, if she pushes him too much, she’ll push him away for good.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, she doesn’t know which will cost her more: pushing him to open up, and risk losing him for good, or living with a haunted man.

Lie Till I Believe

Not my cup of tea!

This book was a stand-alone and there was a ton of drama, so many secrets and lies and a lot of angst to top it off. The romance was good. It was a story of a woman named Grace who is getting her life on track after having a bad start at life and later trying to kill herself after drowning in guilt because she got adopted into a good life when her friend “Sam” apparently had to go through much worse and never came out on the other end of things.

First of all, the character of Grace is now strong and she is trying to accept what she tried to do and move forward. She knows she won’t ever try that again, so she is strong in some ways but still fragile in other ways. Grace’s friend and roommate is a bit too wild so Grace wants to move out and she sees a note on her neighbors door advertising free rent in exchange for cooking meals. He neighbor is a hot successful businessman by the name of Ian Skene.

Grace and Ian are attracted to each other from the start. Grace’s friend Sheila even tells Grace how Ian would always be looking at her when she didn’t know it. However, not long after Grace moves in, she realizes that Ian is sending mixed signals and tries to hold himself away from her. Grace finds out that Ian is love with someone else. However the attraction between the two of them eventually wins out and they become intimate.

The romance between Grace and Ian is a bit odd with both of them alternately backing up then bulldozing forward. But the thing I really disliked was the alternate POV. Because whenever it was Ian’s POV it wasn’t him and Grace, it was him flashing back to his romance with this other girl named Acacia, who has short pink hair and a bunch of secrets she keeps from Ian throughout their relationship.

The book kept alternating between scenes of Grace and Ian’s relationship moving forward with similar flashback scenes of Ian and Acacia. Even after the first time Ian and Grace were intimate, it flashed back to the first time Ian and Acacia were intimate. Now I accept in romance novels that the people involved may have had past loving relationships, but I don’t want to read all the details of their nights together and how lovely it all was when I am trying to pull for the heroine to get her guy. I just didn’t like it.

Also there was so much angst and back and forth, I just wanted to smack these people at times. There were so many secrets and sometimes it just didn’t seem to make sense to keep the secrets when the secrets are hurting someone you claim to love. Everyone was keeping secrets in both of Ian’s relationships. I can see being afraid that telling your secrets may kill the relationship and being afraid to tell the person in case they hate you after hearing, but when the secrets are killing the relationship anyway, why not just come clean?

Of course some couldn’t be told for specific reasons and that drove the storylines.there were huge reveals towards the end and I did like the surprises. So the book deserves three stars for being unpredictable and I certainly liked the two main characters. The romance was steamy, but not super steamy so I give it a heat index of four out of five flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Overall this one, as I said, was just not my cup of tea.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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