Cruel King (Royal Elite, #0). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cruel King by Rina Kent

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Expected publication: January 9th 2020

He’s no fairy tale king.


Here, little princess. I’m your king.

You have three rules. Bow. Break. Bend the knee.

Fight me all you want, but soon enough, you’ll be chanting long live the king.


One day I’m Royal Elite School’s small fly, the next I’m hunted and left to die.

He doesn’t only shred my life to parts, but he’s also coming after my heart.

He thinks he broke me, but the new princess will bring the king to his knees.

BLURB: Cruel King

Awesomely Cruel King.

I read this as part of the Noble Savages Anthology and it was near a perfect 5 stars out of 5. The stand-alone novel includes a bonus scene that was not published in the anthology. This was an awesome bully romance and the relationship between the two main characters was just about as sizzling hot as it could possibly be. If only a guy would be as into me as Levi King is into Astrid Clifford, I would be a fantastically happy woman. This is a romance where the heroine is one of the “invisible” people at the RES (Royal Elite School) and Levi King was not only from the richest family, but he was the Captain of the Football team and the hottest guy in school.

Astrid attends a party with her best friend Daniel and someone slips ecstasy in her drink. She comes on to Levi King who is about to take her up on the offer when he sees her pupils and figures out she is on drugs. He kicks her out and she gets lost in the woods until overhearing some guys plotting something in the woods. They chase her down until she is hit by a car. She spends the summer recuperating and in therapy but comes back strong.

The problem is that Levi was involved in some way and wants her to drop the investigation into the hit and run. So he begins to bully her, when before he had never known she existed. Astrid liked being invisible and doesn’t want that to change, but when the most popular guy in school pays attention to you, it is difficult to be invisible.

Though she liked her status as one of the people that were ignored, she is not one to back down. So when Levi starts to bring it, she turns it around on him as much as possible, until he takes it a bit too far. Levi starts to feel guilt and can’t stop thinking about Astrid. From there the relationship between the two of them changes and heats up more and more until the romance is so hot you might just get burned. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

There are many obstacles in the way of this romance, in addition to the hit and run. Both Levi and Astrid have issues at home and at school. The story is just so good, I couldn’t stop reading till I finished. It is truly one of the best bully romance books I have read. I really liked the characters and many of the supporting characters. They were well developed and had great personalities. There were a few darker supporting characters as well that were portrayed perfectly. Certainly there was more than one villain in this book. Though It is not always easy to determine who is really a villain. Rina Kent has another book coming out soon with Levi’s cousin Aiden as the Hero/Bully and I can’t wait.


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