What Do You Regret (What Do You, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What Do You Regret? (What Do You, #2)

What Do You Regret? by K. Dosal McLendon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.


Regrets, I have many in my life, but the top two regrets haunt me every day.

One is the future I stole from my sister, Claire, because of a car accident I caused.

The second? Grace.

I was six years old when I met the love of my life. I didn’t know. How could I?

After years of my life being filled with Grace, grace itself became my regret.

My sister always said, “The past doesn’t always stay where it should.” And damn, she was right.

My past is staring right at me. Golden eyes, slick blood-red hair, killer body, and a shy smile.

A smile that was once mine, and mine alone.

Grace now lives in the same apartment building, attends the same university, and is friends with my siblings. She came back into my life for a second time. I should walk away, just like she once had.

Regrets. Is it possible to regret the same person twice?


Living on an island, they always preach about the power of the sea. The hazards of the riptide.

But my riptide was too much for me to fight, and the current never slowed. So, I went away.

Away from him. Cole.

My shore.

Three years ago, strangers broke me with their hateful words.

They didn’t even know me.

But I was weak.

It’s true. People could destroy you with words—in this case, a sex tape. A single video managed to ruin my reputation—my self-worth—and my soul drowned along with it.

After my family isolated me, keeping me away from the aftermath, I left my safe-haven and decided to go to college. My soul knows he’s here, too.

It’s been three years, but now I’m stronger.

BLURB: What Do You Regret

Why does blackmail ever work?

Sometimes I hate in books when someone is being blackmailed because it always seems to me that whatever the person is blackmailing the other person for (whether money or some other form of payment), that payment often seems way worse than whatever would happen if the blackmail was used. Especially considering the blackmailer would just keep coming back for more as long as he/she has the blackmail item.

Despite the fact that blackmail was used in this book, I really enjoyed it. I liked the first book which was about Claire and Jake and I had been waiting on this one. I am glad it lived up to my expectations. Claire, Cole and Liam are triplets and they are very close. What Do You Do (book 1) had Claire slowly losing her sight after a car accident with a drowsy trucker where she was thrown through the window. This book is Cole’s story about his relationship with Grace, a girl he has been in love with most of his life.

Cole felt betrayed by Grace after someone filmed a sex tape about them and Grace couldn’t handle the fallout and left town without saying anything. Now it is three years later and Cole has hardened his heart. He determined that he will never love again because it hurts too much.

Though when Grace moves into the off campus apartment across the hall from Cole and Liam, Cole has trouble fighting his attraction to her. The romance was sweet and sexy. I really liked all the characters. I got a very Fallen Crest feeling from Cole and Liam (they could have been Mason and Logan in disguise). Cole is the tough alpha man who broods a bit and is quick to use his fists, while Liam (like Logan Kade), is terrific comic relief.

Liam has some of his own relationship issues, though the book doesn’t go too deeply into them, I have a feeling that will be the next book. However, Liam has a good head on his shoulders and is always around for Cole when needed. He has an oddball sense of humor and is a good contrast to Cole’s surly alpha character.

There is a great conflict in the story that has to do with a rival of Grace’s named Ashley who wants Cole for herself and includes some bullying issues, but it isn’t a standard bully romance since the Hero isn’t the bully. I won’t say more than that, but it is a great part of the story. The books is fantastic overall and that epilogue was awesome! I was so happy that it wasn’t the standard “and they lived happily ever after” epilogue showing the couple getting married, being pregnant or after they have kids. It was much better. I can’t wait for Liam’s book now. He was so great in this story.


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