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Collective Blurb 

Diane Petrou’s world turn on its axis the moment she’s caught in the mysterious Zac Dimas’ web. 

In the blink of an eye Diane leaves her job and moves to another city where she becomes reluctant owner of a bookshop. What she didn’t anticipate, though was to be set directly into Zac’s grasp who seems to have it out for her. 

Every encounter is more volatile than the first and their sexual chemistry is something neither of them can ignore. 

But all the cards are not on the table. Zac has always had an agenda where Diane is concerned and his secrets may be the reason that these two won’t end up together.

Can love conquer all or some people never deserved a chance in the first place? 

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Author Bio 

Ever the incurable romantic, Demetra loves to put on the virtual paper what her vivid imagination conjures. She has a soft spot for alpha males and feisty heroines. She just loves the sparkles when they turn into fireworks. And who can blame her? After all she’s a firm believer that blushing makes everything more interesting. 

Ever since her debut Give & Take Duet was published in 2019, she never looked back. Nothing is impossible and romance is like the sky, they both know no limits. 

One of her greatest inspirations is her favourite city, Athens in Greece where she always finds something new to surprise her. 

She has a soft spot for romance novels, detective series, wine, and all kinds of ice cream. 

Links to my Reviews of these books

Blurb for Nothing More to Take (Give & Take Duet, #1)

Can love survive amidst lies, schemes and subterfuge? 

Zac, a man accustomed to getting what he wants, seeks retribution on behalf of the only father figure he’s known, even though no one asked him to.

“I still can’t believe how an ethereal being like Diane can be a plotting bitch. Why the old man held her in such a high regard, is beyond me. She is ungrateful and someone needs to teach her a thing or two. And I have the only right to do so.” 

Evidence and reports condemn the woman he purposefully set to ‘teach a lesson’, but the truth has a way of creeping out of the most unlikely corners. 

“She looked at me in the eyes and told me, but I didn’t believe her… She lay there with trust in her eyes and let me do that to her and more.”

One mistake after the other and one fight too many bring them closer to the end. 
All it takes is three little words to take down his whole house of cards. 

Now Zac has to trust the only woman who had the tenacity to see beyond his scowls and cold behaviour and not because she was innocent all along. 

“Her name is Diane. The woman who has made my heart beating.”

Blurb for All the More to Give (Give & Take Duet, #2)

Zac was too proud to realise that he lost a piece of himself when he walked out of Diane. But now he’s back and wants nothing more than to have her in his arms again.
Revenge plots be damned.

Diane has to do whatever she can to protect herself, but her heart won’t let her walk away from Zac. For her, he’s worth one more chance… until she discovers just how deep his betrayal goes.

Can they overcome the overwhelming obstacles that stand in their way or is this a couple destined to live apart?

Only time will tell.
Time that was borrowed from the very beginning.

Excerpt: Nothing More to Take (Give & Take Duet, #1)

I manoeuvre Mr. Bean, my trustworthy Mini Cooper, left and right for a while. I am about to lose hope when I locate the last available one. I have just turned on the indicators when a black BMW jeep passes me by and promptly parks in my coveted spot. 

“Asshole!” I exclaim angrily. 

I exit my car, abandoning it in the middle of the lot. I am not even bothered with the door and march towards the driver. Mad doesn’t come close to how I feel. I will make him move his Hotwheel from my spot if this is the last thing I do. 

A man is just getting out of his car and I grunt my irritation. I am not going to be deterred by his height. My heels crunch on the gravel. The man must have sensed my imminent arrival because he turns around. 

My world stops spinning. My heart skips a beat as I stare at the man, transfixed. The most beautiful man I have ever laid my eyes on stands before me. 

His eyes alone—oh God! —these eyes have the power to undo me. They are green pools with flecks of blue and gold. They remind me of blossomed fields in the spring. His face is all stubborn features and strong lines, and I itch to touch every single one of them. He is quite tall and built and I wonder what it would be like to be in his arms. 

I shake my head, but my brain does not function properly. I can’t speak; I am unable to form a coherent thought. He stays silent as well, his eyes never straying away from mine. In a minute—I tell myself—I will ask him to move his car. But without leaving, if possible. 

Loud honking breaks the spell. I glance behind me to discover that Mr. Bean is causing proper havoc. I look at the stranger again; he appears irritated. Without a word, he covers the distance and stands in front of me. I have to angle my head to continue staring at his eyes. 

All too soon he moves, and I whirl around as he gets in my car. The stranger steers Mr. Bean a little farther down to another waiting spot. 

I have just circled the place twice. Where was this space before? 

A few moments later he is in front of me again. Without uttering a single word, he opens my palm and places the key inside. His touch is electrifying and awakens me from the trance. I glance down and his hand envelops mine perfectly. 

“Thank you,” is the only thing I can manage. 

He nods, and a few strands of black hair fall onto his forehead. I would love nothing more than to raise my hand and put them back. I have the feeling he wants to say something but thinks better of it. Instead, all he’s offering me is a nod and then, in the blink of an eye, he’s gone. 

I remain where he’s left me, watching his retreating back until he is nothing but a small dot in a long string of people. My heart is beating so intensely, I can hear its pulse in my ears. I have never experienced anything like this. Such pull for a perfect stranger.

Excerpt: All the More to Give (Give & Take Duet, #2)

He walks lazily towards me with an unreadable expression reigning on his whole demeanour. I know that look. The man staring back at me is the same I briefly encountered yesterday in Thalia’s bakery, when he dealt with Amanda’s hissy fit. We are talking panty boiling-hot here. 

“Do you like my place, Diane?” His voice holds the same authoritative tone. 

I’m only capable of nodding. Zac takes a few more steps and stands mere inches away. I could lift my hand and touch him, but I refrain. He takes a sip of his drink and walks away from me. His steps are leisurely as he sits in the middle of the red sofa and reaches under the coffee table to produce a remote control. He doesn’t take his eyes off me and I am at a loss. What am I supposed to do with myself? 

“I want you to dance for me, Diane,” he states and takes another sip of his drink. “To strip for me.”  

He pushes a button and starts swirling the remote in his hand. High for This, filters from every corner of the room. He sits back and looks at me expectantly. I feel emboldened by the lyrics and some of my trepidation dissipates. I may not have a clue on how to do it properly, but I’ll do my absolute best. He brings the glass to his lips again and lets out an impatient sigh. It’s alright for some. 

I walk towards him and ever so slowly, I turn my back and sway to the rhythm of the song. I unzip my leather jacket and as I am about to take it off, I change my mind and put it back on. 

“Fucking take it off and turn around,” he barks to my back. 

Feigning exasperation, I oblige, removing my jacket and unzipping my jeans. I turn around again and expect him to say something, but he doesn’t. I step out of my flats and bend a little to remove my jeans, all the while rocking to the rhythm. I continue dancing for a few minutes until my top is off, too. I haven’t worn a bra and as I face him again, I am clad in only a pair of red lace panties. I near him, intending to straddle him, but he whirls me around and bends me over the coffee table.

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