His Dirty Demands. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

His Dirty Demands by Fiona Murphy

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It’s hard to believe when I get the call: an offer to work for one of the Sabatini brothers. Cesare and Dante head a real estate firm that buys, sells, and owns some of the most spectacular real estate in Chicago. Dante Sabatini is the youngest of the brothers, and even though he’s an arrogant manwhore he doesn’t come close to the a$$hole level of the oldest Sabatini, Cesare. While I work for Dante, Cesare is in the office across the hall—and too close for comfort. I’m not sure what misfiring synapse has my stomach flipping a thousand times a minute or my skin hot and tight when the man is around, but I’m doing my best to ignore it. Even if I weren’t a virgin, I’m very aware getting involved with Cesare Sabatini would be a complete disaster.

Until the moment I find out Cesare is having the same problem. Seriously? The insanely gorgeous billionaire wants me? My fat ass? Okay, not nice, but I believe in being honest in all things, and honestly I’m a plus-size woman who has become numb to insults I have heard about my weight. I’m far from numb at the idea of throwing caution to the wind and giving in to the dirty demands Cesare whispered in my ear. 

Then I get a call I never thought I would have to deal with. My little sister is being blackmailed. I need twenty five thousand dollars or her future goes up in flames. I’m borrowing it, I’ll put it right back.

When Cesare finds out, he demands twenty-five days and nights of my body. Only once I’m in his home and life, twenty-five days isn’t enough—I want forever. But what does Cesare want?

BLURB: His Dirty Demands

Good story with a moral about being comfortable with yourself!

I generally am not too overly fond of books where the heroine is a BBW. Though I have been fat and have been thin in my life, I have always felt sexy when I was thin and uncomfortable when fat so I just happen to like reading about smaller women or when weight isn’t mentioned. I have seen some of the previous reviews of this book and they mentioned not liking how much it mentioned that the heroine was fat, and at first I felt the same. However the author dealt with that in a nice way, when Alicia’s friend got on her about talking negatively about herself that way. She realized if she didn’t want other people referring to her like that, then she needed to stop thinking of herself that way.

When Alicia begins to find out how much her boss Dante’s wickedly hot billionaire brother Cesare truly wants her, she starts to see herself differently than she has in the past. Cesare and Alicia go through a sort of battle of wills since they want each other but she is an employee of the firm and technically off limits. She loses a bit of weight during that time, not enough to make her thin, but she is more comfortable with herself as a person. I liked the story and the attraction between the two main characters and the way the romance grew was totally hot.

There were some spelling and grammatical errors like a few missing words here and there so the book definitely could use better editing. Though overall it was a good read and a good storyline. I could see that Alicia’s sister Bethany was being set up for Dante since they said he was too old for her, then it kept being mentioned that she hadn’t met him yet since he didn’t come home for Christmas or a few other events when he was dating that gold digger from Texas. So I want to read that book also.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. “if she didn’t want other people referring to her [as too fat], then she needed to stop thinking of herself that way…”
    The book gives an insight as to how a person can allow negative thoughts about herself overtake her feeling of acceptance for who she is…and provides a way to get over that.


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