Dirty Love: A Reverse Harem Bully Romance (Bullies of Brentmoor, #4). ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dirty Love: A Reverse Harem Academy Bully Romance (Bullies of Brentmoor Book 4)

Dirty Love: A Reverse Harem Academy Bully Romance by Ryan Ramsay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It’s us against them.

But the last two remaining members of the Council fight dirty.

It’s time to beat them at their own game.

My time at Brentmoor Academy, a private school for the nation’s richest kids, has been tumultuous. I’ve been constantly bullied by members of the Council, the most elite and mean clique that exists here, but slowly, one by one, I’ve gotten the group of friends to break up. And along the way, I’ve even earned the love of multiple male Council members.

Two of the boys, Sebastian and Harrison, are devoted to pleasuring and pleasing me, but I just can’t give up on the third. Braxton, my rich billionaire, was the first to say he loved me, but he’s still not sure about sharing my body and heart with the other two. As a typical cocky alpha male, he wants things his way.

But I don’t play that way anymore. I’m not giving up any of them, and I’m not changing the good thing I’ve got going with all of them.

Plus, I need Braxton on my side if I’m going to bring down the Council for good. Their last trick went too far. I can’t ignore my half-sister and her best friend’s bad actions that wreaked havoc on my life. It’s time for the bullied to become the bullies.

One more little scheme, carried out with Braxton’s help, and I will have my enemies in the palm of my hand while I have all three of my handsome guys in my life. Too bad my father is watching every detail of that life closely, thanks to the antics I’ve gotten myself into. If I slip up, the money for my tuition is gone.

When it comes down to school or revenge, what choice do I have?

I’m so close to having everything I ever wanted, but so much is on the line.

This time, it’s all or nothing.

BLURB: Dirty Love

Hot and Heavy

This was the last installment in the Bullies of Brentmoor series and It was quite steamy! Like the other three books it was around 100 pages. This one was definitely the hottest of the four books. At the beginning, Ivy had been dating Braxton, but also his two friends Sebastian and Harrison on the side. Braxton has some anger issues and has told Ivy that he is in love with her. She said it back, and meant it, but also wanted to date Sebastian and Harrison. Ivy has to figure out how to tell Braxton without losing him.

Also Ivy is still getting bullied by the last two members of “The Council”, Chelsea and her half-sister Heather. The school is still ignoring what is going on, even though the bullying has gone so far it has been disrupting some of their courses. Though he other students do seem to be getting sick of the pranks. Frankly I find it difficult to believe her three guys don’t stand up for her more. It seems like every time these girls do something it is worse than what they did last time.

The guys do support her somewhat, but it seems like they also are just saying, quit whining about it because there isn’t anything you can do to those two rich girls, so just tough it out until you graduate. They are freshmen in college so it just seems like they aren’t doing enough to help her. Especially since they had been friends with Heather and Chelsea since grade school. You’d think if they couldn’t influence the girls, they at least would be able to help a bit more.

The relationship between Ivy, Sebastian and Harrison and Ivy and Braxton are very hot. Like a bunch of chili peppers 🌶🌶🌶🌶. However it just didn’t seem realistic to me. I mean prior to Harrison seducing her, she was a Virgin, then it is like right away that she is pushing for them all to be in a relationship together, not to mention the things she wants them to do in the bedroom.

It seems to me that it is more natural when it is the guys idea, and they make her feel so good, she decides she wants to be in a polyamorous relationship. Though maybe it is sexist of me. I’m not opposed to the woman wanting the menage or reverse harem, just that Ivy went from 0 to 100 too fast to be believable. Overall I did like how things ended up and I’m glad I read all four books.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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