My Dark Captor (Dark Love, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

My Dark Captor (Dark Love Series - English)

My Dark Captor by Melody Adams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


When I stumble in the path of Iwan Nowikow, my live as I knew it is over. He sees something in me he wants, so he takes it, by kidnapping me. He hurts me and gives me pleasure. He awakens a dark side in me, I never knew I had. I hate him and I crave him. He his my dark captor. 


When I see Sophia, I want her, so I take her. I’ll make her mine in every way. I crave to hurt her and I want to devour her. I know what I am. I am a monster und sweet Sophia deserves better. But that doesn’t keep me from taking what I crave. Her tears, her cries and her devotion. 

BLURB: My Dark Captor

This should be called My Dark and Mysterious Captor.

This book was short but interesting. The story is not over yet and it was getting really good before it ended in a spectacular cliffhanger. Iwan Nowikow is the anti-hero of this story. He is a bit mysterious in that we don’t really know what he does for a living. We first see him at a house he is robbing to steal a notebook from Peter Kingsley, the owner of the house. Later he Is at his legitimate business and he was in a meeting with the board of directors at one point, so it is not a small business.

When Iwan is robbing the house, the wife Sophia Kingsley, is awake and hears him. Her husband is out of town, and she has insomnia, so Iwan grabs her so she can’t scream and after she gets him the notebook he came for, she hopes he will leave. However, Iwan knows immediately after seeing Sophia that he is going to take her.

There are triggers for those might want to skip this one. There is dubious consent as well as BDSM-like punishments. I say BDSM-like because Iwan doesn’t give Sophia any choice and no safe word. BDSM is all about power exchange, communication and limits are set before anything begins. Though if you don’t mind the consent thing, the book is steamy, I give it a heat index of 4 out of 5 flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥.

There were a few things I didn’t like about the book. Being that this was a contemporary romance, some of the language seemed outdated. From the beginning, Iwan calls Sophia “Darling” and I have never heard anyone use that other than southern gentlemen and they say Darlin’. Also Iwan mentions at one point that he grew up in an Orphanage. I am pretty sure those went away in the 1950’s or 60’s when foster care became government funded. The term would probably be group home.

I liked the book despite the few outdated terms. I liked that Iwan was mysterious. Like I said, he was robbing a house for something specific. He was thinking of killing the man that lived there because the background check on Kingsley turned up some things that Iwan didn’t like. The main reason reason he didn’t was because the “Client” didn’t want that. Iwan also mentions to Sophia later that he is a killer and a monster. So is he in the Mafia or a contract killer or what? That is one thing that will hopefully be revealed in the next book.

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