The Anatomy of Us (WJM, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Anatomy of Us (WJM, #2)

The Anatomy of Us by Amelia LeFay

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The stunning conclusion to THE ANATOMY OF JANE… 

It’s simple really. 

Jane prefers to never get romantically involved with either of the two men that could be the father of her child. 

Wesley wants to open another successful restaurant and forget all about the ménage à trois he had with Maxwell and Jane. 

Maxwell wants the three of them back together and will do anything to make it happen…even if means getting on his knees. 

See…simple, right? 

Three lovers, one love story… 

BLURB: The Anatomy of Us

And they all lived happily ever after…

Can a threesome live happily ever after when at least one of its’ members lives a high profile life? Maxwell Emerson is a news Anchor of “The Emerson Report”. In book 1 he got engaged to Jane to dispel rumors that he was gay. However, Wes was worried about being left behind like Max’s mother threatened. If Jane and Max were to be married and always seen as a couple in public, Wes would be left out.

So Wes took Jane to England to meet his two Mothers and show Max how it would feel to be left out. Meanwhile Max got caught up working on a story and didn’t answer his phone for days. Wes and Jane got worried and came home, but after finally noticing the missed calls, Max goes to pick them up at the airport and is injured badly in an accident. He leaves them at the beginning of this book and it takes years for him to walk again.

This book is them getting their life back after it was torn apart. Also Max finds that Wes and Jane didn’t stay together, so he tracks Wes down. Together they go to find Jane, they find that she has had a child who is ill and needs help but she doesn’t know which one is the father.

The book is just as good as the first,if not better. It deals with issues of homophobia, fear of being ostracized for loving who they choose to love and fear for their child/children. It also has a good story about getting back to where you were before. The romance is also hella hot.

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