Noble Savages: a Dark High School Bully Romance Box Set. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Noble Savages: A Dark High School Bully Romance Box Set by Natalie Bennett Esme Devlin Rina Kent Nicole Cypher Logan Fox

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lawless Kingdom.

5 out of 5 Stars. This was an awesome dark romance. Judas Barron is a Sociopath, he and his friends are rich, bored and brutal. He talks about them being his famiglia, so it sounds like their fathers are Mafia kingpins. The heroine, Rhiannon Clermont is from a normal family and she hasn’t gone to the private school that her friend Judas and his friends have go to, but has a best friend Audrey and a boyfriend Dax who to that school. Though she has been thinking of breaking up with Dax after he returned from two weeks away.

Before she has a chance to even decide what to do, Audrey takes her to a Party at the Barron house that Dax is attending but Dax doesn’t want them to show up. Of course they think his reason is because he is cheating, so they show up to catch him. Dax isn’t cheating, but he says the Barrons, Kings and Rooks are very dangerous, he had to come because he is related by marriage.

Some odd things happen at the party, Judas Barron seems to be taking an interest in Rhea and Dax starts ghosting her afterwards. Judas apparently has had his eye on Rhia for quite a while and he pulls out all the stops to start getting her attention, especially after she starts their senior year at their prep school. This is another book where the romance is beyond steamy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.

There are things that Rhia doesn’t know about Judas as well as about her parents, but. There are also secrets she has about the night they first met. The story is fantastic and I loved every minute. I will certainly be reading more from Natalie Bennett.

Merciless Knave.

3.5 stars out of 5. This is the story of Tommy Heenan and Michelle McLean whose marriage was arranged by their parents when they were eight years old. I didn’t like this story quite as much as the others. I think it was because Michelle was the bully. She was also very spoiled and selfish and quite a huge brat, which is a word I rarely use but true in this case.

Of course she has reasons to hate her situation, I mean technically her father sold her future in a business deal. They are now rich and she has saved up money to run away and get set up somewhere until she can get a job. However, her plans fail, she is found out and Tommy starts to keep a very close eye on her. Tommy drives her to school and back and he keeps her car from her.

And then things kicked off when we were sixteen. That’s the legal marriage age in Scotland, with parental consent, and of course parental consent is the one thing we have in fucking abundance.

Tommy was determined I should leave school, marry him, and start learning my place as his wife. It’s all the rage in his community apparently, even though his family aren’t your typical Gypsies. They live in a house, for starters.

But whatever, I refused, and thankfully my dad backed me up for once in his life. We’d wait until we were both eighteen. I found this out via Tommy, when he pushed me up against a wall in the gym changing rooms and whispered in my ear: “This is the one crumb of mercy you will ever get from me, darlin, so you enjoy it while it lasts.”

Michelle hates Tommy, she has ever since that engagement party their parents had for them at eight years old. Though Tommy feels the same way about her, he knows that what their parents did was in the best interest of both their fathers companies and the reason for the arranged marriage is so both kids can inherit the two businesses and run them. Tommy wasn’t always rich, so he knows what it is like to go without and what this opportunity is for them.

Michelle can only see that she is losing her freedom and she crosses Tommy at every turn when he tries to tell her what to do. Though it is her own fault for getting caught doing a runner. Though Tommy does get back at her a few times, she brings it all the more and even manipulates his emotions. I just didn’t like her at all through most of the book.

Being free isn’t ridiculous; it’s her idea of being free that is. Like working long hours in a low-paid job and struggling to pay bills and having no friends is aspirational, just because it means she’s “free”.

That’s not being free to me.You have to find your own ways of feeling like that, in the life you’ve been given.

Michelle does start to get better when she begins to feel an attraction for Tommy. She gets confused as to what she really wants. One last thing about this book that was not as good as the others was the supporting characters. Both main characters had friends and family, but we really didn’t learn anything about them or hear more than a few words from them. Though the book was not quite as good as the first three, it was still worth reading. Esme Devlin wrote a good story that held my interest and I really enjoyed how it all wrapped up.

Cruel King

5 stars out of 5. This was an awesome bully romance and the relationship between the two main characters was just about as sizzling hot as it could possibly be. If only a guy would be as into me as Levi King is into Astrid Clifford, I would be a fantastically happy woman. This is a romance where the heroine is one of the “invisible” people at the RES (Royal Elite School) and Levi King was not only from the richest family, but he was the Captain of the Football team and the hottest guy in school.

Astrid attends a party with her best friend Daniel and someone slips ecstasy in her drink. She comes on to Levi King who is about to take her up on the offer when he sees her pupils and figures out she is on drugs. He kicks her out and she gets lost in the woods until overhearing some guys plotting something in the woods. They chase her down until she is hit by a car. She spends the summer recuperating and in therapy but comes back strong.

The problem is that Levi was involved in some way and wants her to drop the investigation into the hit and run. So he begins to bully her, when before he had never known she existed. Astrid liked being invisible and doesn’t want that to change, but when the most popular guy in school pays attention to you, it is difficult to be invisible.

Though she liked her status as one of the people that were ignored, she is not one to back down. So when Levi starts to bring it, she turns it around on him as much as possible, until he takes it a bit too far. Levi starts to feel guilt and can’t stop thinking about Astrid. From there the relationship between the two of them changes and heats up more and more until the romance is so hot you might just get burned. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

There are many obstacles in the way of this romance, in addition to the hit and run. Both Levi and Astrid have issues at home and at school. The story is just so good, I couldn’t stop reading till I finished. It is truly one of the best bully romance books I have read. I really liked both the characters and many of the supporting characters. They were all fully developed and had great personalities. There were a few darker supporting characters as well that were portrayed perfectly. Certainly there was more than one villain in this book. Though It is not always easy to determine who is really a villain. Rina Kent has another book coming out soon with Levi’s cousin Aiden as the Hero/Bully and I can’t wait.

Vicious Knight.

4.5 stars out of 5. I was thinking of giving this a lower score, but I liked the ending so much it completely turned me around. I think this was a true bully romance if I have ever seen one. There are some shady things that happened in this book that it was hard to be comfortable with. However, the author went into great detail on each of the characters involved so that you really end up seeing where they are coming from and why they make the decisions they make. This won’t necessarily make you agree with the decisions or actions, but it is nice to see the background.

The story was about a girl named Eden Thompson who was an Orchestra geek in her high school. She flew under the radar of the “Popular” crowd until she agrees to attend a big party with her friend who started dating a football player. As they are about to leave the party, she sees the most popular guy in school Camden Knight, in bed with his best friend’s mother. She also finds out from her friend that Camden’s best friend Hunter, another football player was going into a bedroom with a girl, whom Eden saw nearly passed out drunk in the kitchen a few minutes prior.

Eden calls the the best friend, Hunter a rapist and calls the cops, to report it, breaking up the party and angering Camden. The following Monday at school all the popular kids, including Eden’s friend Paige gang up on her and say what she saw never happened. Both Hunter and the girl tell her it was all consensual.

Camden, who is the leader of the group, continues to bully her in order to make sure her reputation is destroyed so that if she ever speaks up to Hunter about what she saw Camden and Hunter’s mother doing, then. Nobody will believe her.

The entire school gets in on the bullying, aside from a few of Eden’s friends, but most of them will no longer be seen with her. The more instances that Camden has to see Eden, the more he finds himself attracted to her. She also feels something with him, though she also hates him for the bullying. The romance progresses slowly but it is needed for character development and when they finally do become intimate it is sizzling hot. The ending is great and there are some awesome twists in the plot. Nicole Cypher did an amazing job with this story.

Brutal Prince.

4.5 stars. I really liked this one. It was sort of a cross between a Bully Romance and Crime/Mystery book. I always love when a romance has a great storyline aside from the romance. This one had a few different crimes that were committed by a fe different people, one was a complete mystery and the others were more secrets that the individuals kept and other people were trying to get to the bottom of them.

The heroine is named Indi and she goes to live with her Grandmother after her Mother is raped and murdered. Her Father died five years previously of cancer. While out in the woods, a guy about her age chases her and basically assaults her after catching her trespassing on his property. When she goes to school the next day she finds that he attends the same school and he goes by his last name Briar because he doesn’t like his first name, which is Prince.

Indi accuses Briar of assaulting her as soon as she sees him, but soon finds out he is someone not to be messed with at the school. her new friend Addy let’s her know that he may have raped her friend Jess, and possibly murdered her as well, though the official cause of death was suicide.

Briar is staying away from women after what happened with Jess, but he felt an immediate attraction to Indi, so he is determined to bully her until she leaves school. He doesn’t trust himself with her. However he can’t seem to stay away, no matter how much his friend Marcus warns him about her. There are so many different twists and turns in this book, it seems to end up in a complex maze of connections. It is extremely thrilling and I couldn’t put it down. It was my first book from Logan Fox and I will be reading more.

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