One Woman (Naked Trilogy, #2). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

One Woman (Naked Trilogy, #2)

One Woman by Lisa Renee Jones

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Mysterious, suspenseful and romantic

The book was very good but not many of the questions I had from book one were answered. Some of them were, but the ones that were answered pretty much just brought up more questions. Of course I won’t spill any of them here, but to say that this book did forward the plot quite a bit. Jax and Emma are working together to try to figure out why her family wanted to get their hands on the castle and what really happened to Hunter North.

The romance between Jax and Emma certainly heats up now that they are staying at the Castle together, though I have to admit there was a little bit where I was getting sort of tired of them going back and forth with the “should we be together or shouldn’t we because my family hates your family”. Emma would be fine one minute and then all of the sudden she would get it in her head that the family drama was too much and couldn’t be overcome. Then Jax would have to talk her down again. Though I guess it generally did lead to more Intimacy which was quite steamy so it did serve a purpose.

Savage, the security specialist is quite the character in this book. I wonder if he will get his own book at some point. He is a total Alpha male who is not afraid to speak his mind. He certainly doesn’t like Jill, the woman who works with Jax and was his brother Hunter’s fiancé before he died. Savage is also protecting Emma from her Ex-boyfriend York who treated her very badly when they were together and tried to control her. I almost forgot to mention that Savage also has to protect Emma from Jax’s younger brother Brody who hates her entire family including her.

The book is continually bringing up conspiracies and mysteries as they try to solve Hunter’s death and every time they talk to different people it is obvious that the other people (such as Emma’s brother Chance and his assistant Randall) know things but won’t tell them so it is frustrating for the characters and me. But that is the beauty of the mystery and suspense. There is a huge cliffhanger, actually two big reveals at the end. So be warned. I can’t wait to read on. Though I will have to since it isn’t published yet. Darn…

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