The Many Personalities of Love ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Many Personalities of Love

The Many Personalities of Love by Lila Lossi

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good premise and story, with some problems

I had a hard time finishing this book, but I am glad I stuck with it. The premise is what interested me to begin with and though it had a slow start, the story really picked up and got better in the later chapters. I liked how it ended. I would give it a 2.5 stars, bumped up to 3, because I finished it. Though there were a lot of problems with the book, such as switching from first person to third person, switching POV.

Most books with dual POV start each chapter with the name of the character whose POV that chapter will be in. So you are seeing things from that person’s POV and can see that persons thoughts but not the thoughts of the other characters while you are in that chapter. Then the next chapter will be in the other person’s POV so you can see that person’s thoughts but only the words and actions of the people they are talking to. This drove me a bit crazy.

Then there are also grammatical error like words uses incorrectly, such as “apart” (as in distance or two things not together) in stead of “a part” (as in a piece of). And at one point Tyler says to Louis “I thought you had my back” Louis replies “I was” instead of I did. When Tyler is bringing Eden to the hotel she booked, the next sentence says, “When they got to his hotel”.

There are more examples, but the biggest thing is that it all seems a bit stilted. Like it jumps around and doesn’t always make sense. I think part of that is the changing POV and going from first person to third person, but also partly because sometimes there are not very smooth transitions from on topic to another.

Also there are odd continuity errors, like Nancy’s husband was named Paul at the beginning of one paragraph and Roger at the end of the same paragraph. Also at the beginning both Eden and Samantha seem to know how they have too many mental issues and are too messed up to be in a relationship, but they have no idea what is really wrong with them, when really it is not hard to figure out. I mean you are missing time and odd jewelry shows up on you but you just accept that as ok? I mean if you have even heard about Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde or multiple personalities you would at least think that might be happening here.

There is no character development of Philip, then all the sudden when Eden breaks up with him, we are seeing his thoughts and he is thinking that he thought things were going well and can’t believe Eden is breaking up with him. But unless he is an idiot that can’t be true. They have been dating for three years, never have sex and only talk or get together once a week or less.

I think a good editors really needed. The book is a bit too long, and has plenty that could be changed to make it better. Like I said, I do think that site concept is awesome, though I had trouble figuring out why Tyler was first so interested in Samantha to begin with. I mean he was warned off by both her and others about her mental issues, so why would a young, handsome guy want to involve himself in that, especially after what is later revealed about his background.

I do see how Tyler gets more intrigued once he learns that she has multiple personality disorder and he falls for both Eden and Samantha. I think at first he is more intrigued to find out what happened to her more than anything, and why he is the only one that knows. Though I did have some idea from early on, the book got much better when it goes further into her background and Tyler tries to help her more.

Overall I will gave this three stars for the concept and the story, but I do think a lot of readers will have problems with the editing, and sometimes the characters are a bit too dumb to be believable. Tyler’s roommate Louis is pretty funny and is the comic relief of the story. He could be developed a bit more as well.

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