Stay With Me (Stay With Me, #1) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Stay With Me by Nicole Fiorina

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

In a desperate final attempt to save nineteen-year-old Mia from herself, she gets transferred to Dolor University, a reformatory college in the UK that housed deranged and dangerous young adults who viewed the private institution as their own personal playground. Mia didn’t care. She needed feelings to care. She’d keep her head down, ignore everyone, and make it through the next two years effortlessly. 

Though Mia never anticipated Ollie Masters.

With green eyes, tattoos, and the voice of a poet, she is quickly drawn to him. But because of her sociopath tendencies, she knows it could only end in one of two ways. Either he will be the one to free her from her past, or she will be the one to destroy him.

Stay With Me

Totally Epic. I loved every minute of it

I don’t even know what to say. I loved this book and hated it in a way. The first chapter was a foreshadowing of things to come so it was almost like watching the titanic in a way. I knew what was coming and everything building up to that point was pulling me in and making me feel but I just couldn’t turn away because it was so good.

The story is about Mia who gets sent by her father and Stepmother to an institution in England called Dolor. The place is a cross between a mental health center where people gets therapy and a college where they take classes and get credits, but if they fail or get in trouble they will end up in prison or a mental institution. This is like a last stop. But they are also locked in at night and have rules and some of them are on medications. If they act out they can get sent to solitary confinement or to the mental institution next door.

Mia is there because she believes she is a sociopath, she is unable to feel any emotions or empathy. She meets Ollie who is different from anyone she has ever met before because he makes her feel things. The story not only details the romance between the two, but her recovery, his mental illness, and several other characters that they hang out with.

This reminded me of several other books and movies that take place in hospitals and mental institutions or even at boarding schools in some ways. But the romance between the characters just gives you all the feels because of the fact that the characters both have issues with their emotions. They are afraid of emotions in different ways and afraid of being hurt and hurting each other and of being left alone.

The character development is great, even supporting characters, the writing is spectacular, the plot is original and nothing was predictable. Of course the book ended with a cliffhanger and I can’t say I am too upset about it, because I was crying and afraid it was just going to end that sadly. So at least I have hope. I just really hope Nicole Fiorina is a fast writer, because I really need to find out how it all ends up. I loved it and recommend it to everyone.

I was generously provided an ARC by the author for an honest review.

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