Lucifer (Fire from Heaven #1) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Lucifer (Fire from Heaven, #1)

Lucifer by Ava Martell

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve always liked stories of Lucifer on Earth

This is my second time reading this book and I still think it is a 5 star book. I love the fact that Lucifer is shown as the fallen angel that is in charge of punishment of sinners not someone who goes out and actively creates or lures people into sin. He even says so himself a few times. Though he does say that in his younger days he was a bit different and would ride out with the four horsemen and get up to no good (I am paraphrasing here).

Lucifer sees that something is happening when soul counts in Hell drop off, and decides that they are being stranded on earth and thinks Archangel Michael is stirring things up to the detriment of humanity. After so much time away from Heaven Lucifer has realized that there needs to be a balance and actually cares for humanity in a way, or at least he thinks that only souls that are corrupt should go to hell and they shouldn’t be corrupted by heavenly interference.

Lucifer comes to earth to on vacation so to speak, but really to check things out and confront Michael. He meets meets Grace soon after hearing a prophecy from an old woman and Grace isn’t like everyone else. He can’t get a read on her like he can with other humans. So he is intrigued. Lucifer is one of those impressive and compelling characters that I just can’t get enough of. He is one of those guys that are so bad they are good.

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