What Happens In The Dark (What Happens In The Dark, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

What Happens In The Dark by Ashley Jade

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

“Matt Star had money, power, and influence, the triple threat combination that would make anyone a formidable threat…” 

Lizzie Winter is just 3 short months away from graduation when the unthinkable happens. A prank gone wrong by the football team takes a devastating turn and changes her life forever. Just when things can’t get any worse, Matt Star decides to up the anti and throw blackmail and manipulation into the mix. To complicate matters, Lizzie starts developing feelings for Matt’s best friend, Brandon Rivers. Brandon suspects something’s off with Lizzie and Matt’s relationship, but Lizzie is sworn to secrecy. The only way she can protect Brandon, and everyone else she cares about is to continue lying. Will Brandon be able to figure out what Matt is doing to Lizzie, and save her before its too late? Or will Lizzie be forced to do everything she can in order to save Brandon from Matt’s sick, psychopathic ways? 

“It was then that I realized there really was no point in trying to fight him anymore, because just like on the football field, he would always win. I would never beat him, the only thing I could do was try to give him what he wanted; and just hope that it was enough to keep everyone I cared about safe. I promised myself that night, that I would do everything I could, to protect the people I love the most…” 

**Trigger Warning** This book is not suitable for readers under 18. This book contains elements of emotional, sexual, and physical cruelty. Any readers with sensitivity to the above topics should proceed with caution, and at their own risk. 

What Happens In The Dark

Dark and disturbing!

Social outcast Lizzie is a senior in high school and has had a crush on Football player Brandon for years. Though Brandon’s Friends, especially his best friend, quarterback Matt and the popular crowd look down on Lizzie. One day things get out of hand between Matt and Lizzie, after which he becomes obsessed with her.

Lizzie’s crush Brandon sees that something is wrong and tries to get involved but things get complicated by other issues and Lizzie’s life spirals out of control. The book is very interesting and angsty and keeps you guessing how she will get herself out of the situation she finds herself in.

This book was written in 2015, long before the current “bully romance” phenomenon blew up. So it was really dark when it came out. Also this is just the beginning there are two more books to go.


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