Fiona’s Mates (Churchill Polar Bears, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Fiona’s Mates by Shelley Munro

My rating: 3 of 5 stars.

A woman striving for adventure meets five shifter brothers… 

When Fiona catches her husband cheating, she puts a full stop on their marriage. No longer prepared to take his abusive behavior, she kicks him out the door, determined to embrace change. A vacation is the perfect way to attack her courageous new life. 

Stig is the youngest of five polar bear shifters, and his scheme to start an ice trucking business puts him and his brothers on an untraditional path. With everyone in Churchill against them—humans and shifters plus their matriarch—it’s a challenge to get their ice trucks on the road. 

Fiona meets the sexy Stig and his gorgeous brother in Gillam. With their bulging muscles and stunning Nordic looks, something about the smiling duo imbues trust. Then, she meets their three older brothers, each charming and handsome, and her libido swings into overdrive. A dilemma since they’re openly interested in her, and choosing one? Impossible. 

The Swenson brothers adore Fiona, and she brings out the best in them. Now that her vacation is ending, she’s discussing a return to Florida, but that might not be the worse of the trouble when menace stalks into Churchill and threatens to end their reverse harem forever… 

Fiona’s Mates

Polar bear shifter Ice Road truckers – gotta love that!

My first venture into the world of polar bear shifters. You kind of have to love the idea of being around any polar bear that you can actually pet. Fiona, thee protagonist in this story gets a ride with two of these brothers in their truck while she is on vacation. Coincidentally she is on the way to their small town to take a tour to see polar bears.

The two brothers fall for her during the drive and the other three brothers basically fall for her voice over the phone, but verify it when they meet in person. Now all they have to do is convince her to stay. Oh, and tell her their secret.


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