Possessive Daddy Next Door. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Possessive Daddy Next Door by B.B. Hamel

My rating: 5 of 5 stars.

Single dad. Former cop.

I take what I want… and protect what I love.

I moved to Loftville to stay hidden. Just me and my daughter Tabitha against the world.

Until I find Delia Lofthouse with a sprained ankle in the woods near my cabin.

I can’t leave that gorgeous girl alone, so I help her home, make sure she’s okay… and tumble deep into her world.

Not that I can stop myself. Her pouty lips and defiant, sensual stare drives me wild.

But I’m in hiding for a reason. My past is back with a deadly vengeance. 

Now I have more than just my daughter to worry about, and I protect what I love. Delia won’t get hurt, not if I can stop it.

She’s all mine, body, heart, and soul. And I’m not letting her go.

I’ll break my enemies first. Then I’ll make that girl my new wife.

This single dad won’t play nice.

Possessive Daddy Next Door

Steamy small town neighbors romance with a twist!

I have been reading ARCs of B.B. Hamel’s books since the beginning of this year and I had read a few of her books in the past. I like her work because it is light and fun. It is generally between 100-200 pages, so it is usually a quick and easy read, she does romance with tried and true romance tropes but puts her own spin on them. So there is usually a good steamy romance along with a decent storyline that keeps the readers interested.

This was one of her better books. I liked the characters of Delia Lofthouse and Max Fellows. Delia had move away from her family’s home in Virginia to open her own clothing store in the big city but after four years the store went under. She is back home living in the family mansion in the small town that her family basically owns and while she is out for a hike she leans against a tree which breaks and she falls and sprains her ankle.

Max, who is also hiking, helps Delia out. Max is new to the area and has a two year old daughter and is a former cop who happens to be between jobs. Delia suggests he apply for a security guard position at her home. They are immediately attracted to each other but don’t do anything about it and after he gets the job, they flirt a bit and it begins to become more.

Max is very dominant and possessive of Delia and he wants to protect her but there are things going on in his life that he doesn’t tell her at first. I don’t want to give them away but I really enjoyed the storyline and the suspense as well as the romance between the two of them. I like the way B.B. Hamel handles single parents and has the child play a big role and the new girlfriend become friendly with the child. It was a very good story and hot too!

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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