Possessive Best Friend. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Possessive Best Friend by B.B. Hamel

My rating: 4 of 5 stars.

I lost her once… I won’t let her get away again.

We were best friends until she left for college. I stayed back in our small town and we lost touch… until she comes storming back into my life.

Lora Lofthouse. Rich girl from a powerful family. And I’m the bad boy from the bad family that’s going to bring her back down to earth.

She wants my help setting up a business. And I want to get the taste I’ve been denied for so long.

This time, I’m not holding back. Every sweet curve, every stolen kiss, I’m going to take it all and make it mine.

Doesn’t matter if my family hates her with a passion. They can try and keep us apart, but I’m not playing games.

I’m about to spoil my rich girl and give her everything she needs. 

Possessive Best Friend

Lora Lofthouse finally gets her man!

I have been reading these “Possessive” books from B.B. Hamel for a while and though they are all stand-alone books they have all been about the members of the wealthy Lofthouse family. They are from very old money and have a high standing in society and basically own the small town in Virginia where their mansion is located, though most of the children who are now adults don’t live there anymore.

Their mother Sylvia Lofthouse rules the family and she seems very distant and controlling and very concerned with the family name and reputation. Though she also seems fair, but cold. Their cousins are mostly crazy except a few and their uncle Ron is a criminal that hangs around for whatever scraps he can get from his brother, their father who inherited the wealth from his parents despite the fact that Ron was the eldest child.

Lora is the youngest child and has been aimless since graduating college. She has been just lazing around the manor without any direction in her life. She has been regretting her “rich girl” major in art history because there really isn’t much you can do with an art history major in the real world. And despite the fact that she gets a huge monthly trust of nearly $150,000, she still has to find something to do with her life.

She gets invited to a birthday party for a friend that she hasn’t seen since the last day of high school. His name was Dean and he was her best friend at boarding school and she had a huge crush on him but it never went anywhere at the time. So she decides to go to the party and she has a good time and reconnects with Dean who has filled out quite nicely. He is tall, muscular, tattooed and very handsome. Lora finds that she still wants him to kiss her as much as she did back in high school.

Dean works for his Dad who own several car dealerships and his Dad had recently joined the town council. He is also having a car wash built in town and construction has stalled due to permit and zoning issues and he gave Dean the problem to deal with saying his position on the town council couldn’t help with the permits. He suspects the Lofthouse family is out to get him and is behind it. Even though everyone knows they don’t get involved in politics. Which Dean tells him. But his father thinks Dean is just not taking his side because he used to be friends with Lora.

Dean and Lora start seeing each other and they grow close fairly fast and the romance is hot! B.B. hamel is very good at writing steamy scenes and integrating them into the storyline. I like that these books are between 100-200 pages, so they are quick reads that you can pick up between longer books, but they have good stories and interesting characters that are fully developed and have lives and families and connections.

There are multiple storylines in this book, like with Lora finding purpose in her life, with Dean having trouble with his Father and his Father having issues with Lora’s family, with uncle Ron being shady and a few other trajectories. I really enjoyed the story.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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