NOYE (Stay With Me, #3) Release Announcement.

✈ NOYE IS COMING: The last book in the Stay With Me Series, NOYE, is releasing FEBRUARY 9TH!  

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I’d spent my last two years devising and perfecting this plan. 
A plan Mia was never apart of, but she was a storm. 
And you can’t expect anything from a storm. 
Perhaps the reason I allowed her to distract my monster to begin with.
I just never thought she would become an addiction until it was too late.
But there was still one thing left to do, and time was ticking.

It was so close, I tasted it–the freedom. 
But the only thing I could taste now was the end. 
Over the last two years, I’d let all outside forces dictate my life, my feelings, my head. 
I’d allowed everyone to tell me what my punishment should be for all my wrong-doings. 
I’d been tested and learned my lesson.
I’d paid my dues and suffered long enough. 
Because in the end, 
even the once-upon-a-damned deserved to be happy too.

How far are you willing to go? 
I’d asked myself this very question countless times. 
But never in my wildest dreams thought I’d go back in time,
chasing ghosts from my past for a chance to save our future.
So, there was no limit. 
No boundaries. 
I’d cross time, the world, my morals. 
Yes, I’d even double-cross myself.
So, how far would I go? 
The answer had always been simple.
I’d go an eternity plus a day past crestfallen.

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