Tie Me Down (Arizona Heat, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Tie Me Down by Katie Douglas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Maybe it’s just pregnancy hormones but I really want to lick him. 

I’ve ended up in a huge mess… my ex-boyfriend Jimbo wasn’t the dark soul with a heart of gold I thought he was. He knocked me up and then knocked me about. And when he tells me that I can’t keep the baby, it’s time to get out of Seattle. 

A fainting episode in a gas station in the Arizona desert leads me to Lawson. A real life cowboy who runs his own ranch, Lawson is easy on the eyes. Muscles… everywhere. Huge package. Those little diagonal indentations that make a big arrow straight to his… toolbox. 

But I’m not safe… it seems that Jimbo is still looking for me. Is Lawson the one who can protect me? And more importantly, can he convince me that he’s the man to tie me down?

BLURB: Tie Me Down

Stilted and a bit strange

This short read (approximately 100 pages) has a good premise and a decent storyline, but the dialogue seemed a bit stilted to me. Like they were reading lines instead of conversation flowing smoothies like when two people are just talking. The story is about a girl named Alana who is escaping from an abusive criminal boyfriend who threatened to end her pregnancy if she didn’t.

Alana stops at a small gas station in rural Arizona and faints from a bit of heat stroke. A local rancher named Lawson sees it happen and takes her home with him. While this is a good setup there are a few things that bother me. Like I said, the dialogue is stilted and a bit choppy.

From the very start Lawson and Alana joke around with each other and both end up realizing how long it has been since they laughed like that. Though the joking didn’t seem funny at all to me. For example, they go to get maternity clothes for Alana and start joking about how dowdy the clothes are, saying one nightgown would make her look like Wendy from Peter Pan and another Grenoble one would look like Peter Pan, they just need to find one that looks like Captain Hook. Then she ends up throwing a pair of large maternity underwear at his face. I just didn’t think any of it sounded funny.

Then there was the fact that he is into some BDSM, and he starts fantasizing about spanking her. A few minutes later, she is fantasizing about the same thing. It just seemed odd to me that after being abused, she would fantasize about being spanked, and that they both have the same fantasy within minutes of each other seemed a bit odd. I thin it would have flowed more naturally if she didn’t think about it at all until they got hot and heavy and he gives her a playful swat.

Then two other scenes bothered me a bit. One was after they are intimate without protection they decide to go get tested. The whole thing came off as odd to me. Then another when she gets emotional and throws out some flowers, the discussion about what she did gets quite preachy as he starts suggesting that she may need a psychologist because of her relationship with her parents.

Other than these few things, the book was pretty good. A lot of different things happened and I did finish the book. So I would give it a 2.75 stars, rounded up to 3 out of 5 stars. The romance was insta-love and quite steamy. 🥵


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