The Bully Switch. ⭐️⭐️

The Bully Switch

The Bully Switch by Mercedes Jade

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“Who are you and what did you do with Jen?” 

They don’t know I’ve switched places with my sister yet. It’s all part of the plan. My appearance isn’t the only thing I’ll need to change to get vengeance. I’ll need to break every nice bone in my body if I’m going to get justice. 

Break them like they broke her. 

My name is Genevieve Taylor. I’m not a nice girl. That is my twin, Jen, the sweetheart with the heart of gold that she expresses in her art. Jen used to be fearless, diving her way to a university scholarship without the crippling fears of the sport that I had developed after an accident almost drowned me. 

My twin had been a star, shooting for the moon. I’m going to get it back for her. 

I have three names, a list of bullies that tried to bring my sister down. Chris Harrison, the ruthless business empire heir that said my sister could only pass art history on her knees. Liam Stone, my secret crush from summer camp that rejected me because his old money standards didn’t include girls with racy families like my sister and I. Lastly, there’s Jordan Walsh, the mysterious new boy that has a reputation as a scoundrel and a matching, dangerous smile. 

I know what I have to do. My weapons are prepared. A plan has been cleverly plotted with my sister. Only, I didn’t realize that it would all start with a kiss. Kisses. 

What will I do if the bullies turn their attention on capturing me when I’m trying to drive them away? Do I run, or do I stand up and risk losing my own heart? 

BLURB: The Bully Switch

This could have been much better as a longer book

This was a very short book and as it is I guess it is ok, but I would like it as a longer book. I would like to see the characters more developed, the rivalries more thought through and the romance happening a bit slower and more of it. I found the scene in the barn to be very hot but then everything else happens so fast that you are just like what happened.

This girl Genevieve comes to her Dad’s house to visit her identical twin Jen, who is completely depressed because she has been bullied by the three hottest guys in school and the girlfriend of one of them. The twins each live with different parents who divorced when they were young. So they decide to switch places so Jen can get relief and Gen can get revenge.

The three guys end up kissing Gen and she does some stuff to get back at them. It all happens so fast, but it seems like it has the potential to be much better than it is. Though it wasn’t bad as is.


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