The Boss Who Stole Christmas (Reindeer Falls, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Boss Who Stole Christmas (Reindeer Falls, #1)

The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Jana Aston

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Dear Santa,

Please bring me a new boss for Christmas. Mine is the worst. The worst, hidden in a six foot tall package of male perfection. It’d be easier if he looked like an old Scrooge, wouldn’t it? 

Nick Saint-Croix doesn’t look like an old scrooge. He’s hot as-

Um, never mind. Just bring me a new boss. Please. 


Holly Winter

Sweet and funny little Christmas story

This book was as charming and funny as I have com to expect from Jana Aston. I liked her “Wrong” series and this book has the same cheeky and sarcastic humor as those books. The main character was a woman named Holly Mistletoe Winter, and yes Mistletoe is her actual middle name. She lives in the town of Reindeer Falls Michigan and loves her job at the Flying Reindeer Toy company and she is unhappy that her boss is such a bad tempered Scrooge.

Holly really liked her old boss Christopher Saint-Croix and thought he would never retire but he and his wife moved to Florida and his nephew Nick Saint-Croix took the reigns of the company five months ago. I didn’t really like the beginning of the book when all the background information was detailed because Holly’s inner commentary was presented like she was talking to the reader instead of just thinking to herself. For example, Nick came to her desk to ask her if she was going to the meeting and there are four pages of her inner commentary before she answers him. Here is an example:

I don’t want to brag but I was Miss Candy Cane Princess seven years ago. I know it might be a little vain, but I still have the tiara. I use it as my tree topper because being Miss Candy Cane Princess was my childhood dream. That and working for the Flying Reindeer Toy Company when I grew up.

But this only bothered me in the first few chapters, after that her inner commentary seems more like her thoughts than something she is telling us directly. Either that or I just didn’t notice it after that. I enjoyed the story and the humor. Nick and Holly end up going on a business trip to Bavaria (Germany) and the descriptions are great.

Holly has two sisters, Ginger and Noel, who look like they will be the featured protagonists in the next few books. Ginger is involved in a reality competition show called the Great Gingerbread Bake Off and wants to use the winnings to open a bakery that she has dreamed of since she was younger. However her competition, a man named Keller James who has a show on the Food Network has Ginger all riled up.

This book was only 100 pages so was a quick read, which is nice between longer books. Personally I don’t like all of these books out lately that are 30 – 70 pages. It would take me nearly as long to write a review than to read the book


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