Revenge ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Revenge (Revenge Series #1)

Revenge by Christine Besze

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Six years they stole from me.

Six years I’ve done my time.

Six years I’ve waited.

Six years I’ve heard her screams over and over.

No more.

It’s time to collect.

And it’s their blood that will be spilled.

Asher Savage spent his life protecting the innocent, taking monsters off the streets. He never thought he’d become one. 

Charlee Vega was a pawn in a game she never knew she was playing. An innocent caught up in a war of greed and hate. 

Revenge has fed his monster for years, but it comes at a price. Is it one he’s still willing to have her pay?

She’s a means to an end. A complication he never saw coming. And sometimes those are the most deadly of all.

BLURB: Revenge

Strong Hero, Badass Heroine, Great Story

Asher was a cop who got framed for the murder of his wife and unborn son. He was put away for manslaughter and served 6 years hard time. He has plans for revenge against the Mob boss that put him there as soon as he gets out, with the help of his two brothers. The plan includes taking the daughter of the Mob boss captive so he feels as helpless as Asher felt when his wife was being murdered.

Though the longer Asher has Charlee in his custody, the more he start to want her and things start heating up between them. This book gets very steamy pretty quickly. Some of Asher’s other revenge plans don’t quite go his way either. The book has a few unexpected twists and turns and is overall very enjoyable. I liked both the story and the romance and it sounds like the brothers will have stories also. I am excited to read theirs as well.


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