Sin’s Temptation (Erotic Intentions Book 1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sin’s Temptation by Ella Fox

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Inventor of one of the world’s best-selling sex toys and owner of a popular chain of erotic shops, Jordan Sinclair has it all. Time and time again he’s lived up to the nickname the press calls him, Mr. Sin. This confirmed bachelor has no intention of ever settling down. 

That all changes during a visit to one of his Erotic Bent sex stores when he spots eighteen-year-old Natalie Farrar in aisle six. The dark haired beauty has him ensnared in the blink of an eye. The attraction between them is palpable and within minutes Jordan knows there’s nothing he won’t do to claim and keep her by his side forever. 

Sin’s Temptation is Book One in the Erotic Intentions series. Each story will be a standalone full of page-melting heat courtesy of alpha men claiming their women. No cheating. No lying. No deceit. Just true love and an abundance of steam. These books deal with insta-love and are heavy on the sexy times. 

BLURB: Sin’s Temptation

Quite the sexy little story!

I liked this little story about the CEO of a sex toy company, Jordan who falls in love at first sight. The girl, an eighteen year old high school senior, Natalie is at his company to do her senior project. She is nearly nineteen and technically finished with high school, just has to turn in that last project. So it isn’t quite as bad as it sounds.

Also, Natalie was raised by a single mother who traveled a lot so she did online school and her unconventional upbringing has made her more mature than her years would suggest. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was that she called him “Daddy” a few times during sexual situations. Though I know a lot of people are fine with that, for some reason it makes me cringe.

Other than that, the sex is very hot, the story is good, though there isn’t much of a story. It is insta love 💗. He is possessive of her and sweet to her from the get go.

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