Hunting their Treat: A Halloween Billionaires and Virgin Reverse Harem Romance ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Hunting their Treat: A Halloween Billionaires and Virgin Reverse Harem Romance

Hunting their Treat: A Halloween Billionaires and Virgin Reverse Harem Romance by Ryan Ramsay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Trick or treat… times three. 

A friend from church invited me to a Halloween event. 

I thought it was an innocent, fun costume party. 

But apparently, the less clothes you wear, the better. 

It turns out three billionaires are on a hunt. 

And my innocence will be their prize. 

That seems scary, and there’s a haunted house theme. 

But it starts to feel exciting. 

Three rich, powerful men wanting me at once. 

I can help one of them win, but it’s so hard to choose. 

And what if I don’t have to? 

They could all share my body like candy this Halloween. 

As long as I don’t let them steal my heart. 

BLURB: Hunting Their Treat

Steam, Spice and Everything Nice!

This book was short and searingly hot. It was also a bit different than many reverse harem books I have read in that it involved a sort of contest which was innovative and specifically designed for Halloween. Though I enjoyed the book, some aspects made me uncomfortable since they seemed so unrealistic. The main protagonist is Jesse Becket who has returned home for the first time in three years. She has been at college, where she is studying to be a lawyer and has returned because her Dad is ill.

Jesse has a love-hate relationship with her very strict religious parents. There are allusions to the fact that something happened at one point when she was younger between her and her father, but it never really goes into exactly what she did and what happened. I found that I really wanted to know more, but all that was said was that she was caught after sneaking out of the house one night or something of that nature.

“It was the dead of night on April the 1st, five years ago, when I lost the will to fight.
The walls didn’t matter. The padding on my bedroom door could hardly contain it. The soft palms of my overworked hands tried their best.
But the words still came through.
They cut like glass at the unsuspecting soles of tired feet.
That was the day I knew two truths.
To never to make him angry.
And to run.”

Even now that Jesse is 22 years old, her parents are still just as strict with her which is one of the reasons she hates going home. She has a brother that is still in high school, who is their pride and joy, and he gets away with all the things they never allow Jesse to do. Though she loves her brother, it is painful to see the love and acceptance they shower on him.

Jesse meets a girl, Mia at her church who was in a class behind her in high school. Mia invites Jesse to a Halloween party at a local house that was rumored to be haunted when she was in school, because of the fact that is was a large abandoned house on a hill and looked somewhat neglected and broken down.

Three friends, Simon, Jerry and Mike own an extremely successful law firm together. They are all bored with their lives and struggling to find interest in anything. Until Simon gets a strange e-mail message from Mia, who he doesn’t know. It is a self deleting message that invites him to a game of Hunt the Virgin on Halloween night. He decides that it is just what he needs and asks his two friends to join him.

This is part of what I found to be realistic. First of all, the email message. Simon initially thinks the firm has been hacked when he gets it, but then it explains that Mia doesn’t know him, she just knows he is part of the 1% and due to his past actions (picking up a prostitute), he might be interested in this type of thing. Now if you were a successful businessman, a lawyer no less, wouldn’t you think this was some way to either bribe you or get some blackmail material against you?

However, Simon takes it at face value and plans to attend. Frankly I think it would be more believable if they heard of it through word of mouth and contacted the facilitators to set it up for them. But that May just be me. Then after they get there, some other similar things would make me nervous if I were a lawyer, but they just seem to trust what Mia says.

I won’t give away anything else about what happens in the book, since It is a quick read, and I try to only give some background information, not the actual events in the main storyline of the book. But like I said it is a sizzling reverse harem. I enjoyed it and will give it a heat index of 5 out of 5 flames 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥, and overall rating of 4, since the character development was great, the world building was on point, and the story was original. I do realize it is fiction and not every aspect of any reverse harem is going to be realistic, but those few things that I mentioned above are things that distracted me from the story, which is why they bothered me a bit.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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