Dirty Secrets: A Bullies of Brentmoor Reverse Harem Romance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dirty Secrets: A Bullies of Brentmoor Reverse Harem Romance

Dirty Secrets: A Bullies of Brentmoor Reverse Harem Romance by Ryan Ramsay

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

They ruined me. Now I’m out for revenge. 

But I think I’m also in love. 

Sebastian, Braxton and Harrison have tormented me ever since I started out at Brentmoor. They’re part of “The Council”– the most popular students at the school, who have tried to destroy me every step of the way, despite my temporary trust in them. 

It turns out their seduction was a lie and my reputation is in ruins. Not that I had much of one to begin with. As a poor newcomer to a rich school full of the established elite, I was already an outcast. But they’ve made my life a living h*ll. 

Now, when members of The Council don’t let up, I try to take matters into my own hands. I have a plan for revenge that should turn things around for me finally. But it seems that the Brentmoor boys have some secret desires of their own. 

I know I should resist them, but the temptation to give into these handsome, strong, dominant guys is real. Plus, each could be useful assets to me in their own way. As I let my heart and body get more entangled with theirs, however, I start to worry that my plan for vengeance might be the worst one I’ve ever had. 

Can I trust them for allegiances that will help me out? 

Or will love and desire get in the way of my revenge? 

BLURB: Dirty Secrets

Dirty, Dirty, Dirty

This book was quite a bit different than the first one where the bullies of “the council” at Brentmoor college mostly did extremely juvenile things to Ivy because she was poor. In this one they bullied her because using a sex tape of her and Harrison together, in that tape Ivy confessed about trying to kill herself after her Mom passed away. They kept playing the tape in front of other students and even in one of the classes they had together.

The book is interesting to say the least. In many of these bully romances I just don’t understand how the heroine gets over the bullying and ends up with her former bully. However this one even more so. Ivy ends up becoming intimate with Braxton like two minutes after he tells her he loves her even though she has no idea if he is setting her up like Harrison did.

She says to herself that at least if he is, then she gets an awesome experience with a hot guy out of it. Which is a very lame excuse. And though their time together is steamy, it is also kind of raunchy.

Ivy and her roommate Tori keep trying to plan revenge on the bullies and Tori is quite funny in that her ideas end up way over the top. Ivy has to reign her in each time to something less harmful.

“What if we sabotage his equipment somehow?”
“What? You mean like make the lights fall and crush him to death?”
“That seems too far.”
“I can get us a good lawyer.”
“Scale it back, Tori.”

I keep having the feeling that Tori will betray her in the end because she used to be part of “The Council”. It just seems too convenient that Ivy got her as a roommate.Though my feelings aren’t based on anything other than that they are roommates. So it might just be me looking for or expecting something that isn’t there. It does sound a bit reminiscent of the roommate in the “After” books. If she does turn out to be working with them.

One thing I really don’t like about these books is that the guys in the council seem like such wimps to me. Ivy keeps talking about how big and strong they are, but both Braxton and Harrison end up confessing to her that they really didn’t want to bully her, they just went along with what Chelsea and Heather did and because they had always done adolescent things like that when they were young.

Even if Ivy feels that they are being truthful and no longer want to participate, you’d think she wouldn’t bother with guys w can’t even stand up to their own friends when they don’t want to do something. I can’t really figure out why I am still reading this series, but I still want to read the next book to find out wha happens, so maybe I am as crazy as some of these characters! 🤪

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