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This Side of Tomorrow

This Side of Tomorrow by Sally White

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Life isn’t fair…and neither is death. 

When seventeen-year-old Nebraskan, Rachel Sutton moves into her new home in Maine, she quickly discovers it is the former residence of Noah and Ethan Thompson, teenage brothers recently killed in car crash. Brothers who have yet to move on. 

Ethan, spiteful and jealous, is obsessed with Rachel, and Noah, guilt-ridden and gorgeous, is trying to save his brother’s soul. As Rachel spends countless hours with Noah, and dates Parker Redding, a popular football player, she finds herself torn between her feelings for the living and the dead. 

One fateful night, Rachel must choose. Will she embrace her life on earth with those who love her? Or find out what’s on the other side? 

BLURB: This Side of Tomorrow

Two Ghosts and a Girl

I enjoyed this book, it has a good story and a good message though some bad things happen. It seems to me in the beginning that the writing was a bit stilted, kind of like someone reading liness that were written for them instead of speaking naturally, but it could just be me and the fact that I took a while to really get in to the story.

Though once the protagonist, Rachel starts to suspect ghosts are in her new house and then finds out two brothers died not long ago. I started to get immersed in the story. Rachel finds out that the brothers, Noah and Ethan lived in the house before her and attended the same school as her and it isn’t long before she meets them both.

I was a bit frustrated because I don’t completely understand how the ghost thing works. Spirits can stay earthbound instead of crossing over if they have something they need or want to do, like looking after children if they don’t trust their spouse, or staying around until their loved one passes away so they can cross over together.

Ethan and Noah can talk to Rachel, can be invisible and they can project, and when they project, they are solid enough to touch her or hold her. Though some of the things that happened left me wondering wtf. For example when Rachel asks Noah why their parents moved, since she is now living in their old house.

“Mom could sense Ethan and me in the house and she kept trying to talk to us. We didn’t project ourselves or speak to her, but she knew we were around. Dad worried she was losing it and thought moving to a new house might help. We stayed here since it’s the only home we’ve ever known, and the place was empty until your family moved in.”

Rachel’s next question is whether he visits his parents in their new condo across town. My question would be “Why didn’t you talk to your Mom or project yourselves to her.” I mean she was trying to talk to them. If it was me and I died young in a sudden manner, I would talk to my Mom to say goodbye. I would let her know that I would cross over soon to a better place. Then she could get some closure without expecting me to stay with her forever. But Rachel never asks the question.

Rachel is dating Noah’s friend Parker and Noah is watching over her, so he goes where she goes. One night Parker has a pool party with a bunch of friends who used to be Noah’s friends and Rachel feels bad that Noah is waiting outside while she is having fun. I don’t understand why Noah wouldn’t just show himself and have fun with them as long as he is there for a while.

Noah could set their expectations so they don’t grieve again when he goes but they can enjoy having him around for a little longer. So are there rules about not showing themselves to living people? Or does Rachel have the sixth sense an only she can see them? I kept wondering these things as I read.

Another thing really started to bother me, it was how Rachel was having feelings for Noah and Parker. Every time she was with Parker, she would start thinking about Noah, then start to feel guilty about it since Parker was alive and her boyfriend. I understand how someone in her situation would feel that way, I just got sick of reading about her feeling guilty over and over. Also when Rachel was with Parker, the phrase “she inhaled his crisp, clean scent” was repeated three or four times.

The premise for the story was great and I liked the way it flowed. Rachel was a likable heroine aside from the guilt and reusing the same phrases. She was strong and happy and a dancer. She made friends right away and wasn’t too freaked out by the supernatural events. The issues between the brothers were a good story and how they each treated and interacted with Rachel was interesting and kept my attention.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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