Dirty Deeds: A Bullies of Brentmoor Reverse Harem Romance. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Dirty Deeds: A Bullies of Brentmoor Reverse Harem Romance

Dirty Deeds: A Bullies of Brentmoor Reverse Harem Romance by Ryan Ramsay

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I’ve been through Hell. 

But now I’m at Brentmoor, which is even worse. 

After my mother died, I found out my father is a famous movie star. His one contribution to my life? A full ride to Brentmoor, a playground for rich kids. The most popular and elite students here make up what is known as “The Council.” 

The leaders of The Council are Sebastian, Braxton, and Harrison. Sebastian is from old money. Braxton is the stellar academic son of a billionaire and Harrison is the musician son of a rock star. 

The Council runs the school- even the teachers. Too bad I’m on their hit list. 

No one wants a poor girl at Brentmoor, no matter who her father is. I definitely don’t fit in here, but I have nowhere else to go. They won’t leave me alone- constantly teasing me during the day and haunting my dreams at night. 

The worst part is that the three Brentmoor bullies are really hot. And they seem to be taunting me in good ways as well as bad. I know this attraction to my enemies isn’t good, but it sure is hard to ignore. 

It’s as if all three of them secretly want to get with me. Perhaps I could use one for my plan to get back at the rest, but I don’t know which one to choose. And maybe I don’t have to. 

They say sharing is the best gift of all. 

But I think getting sweet revenge would be even better. 

BLURB: Dirty Deeds

Good book, but probably somewhat unrealistic

I really like this genre and this book was good, but sometimes the Hero(s) seem to be irredeemable. I have read books where killers are redeemable, but sometimes the bullies, jerks and a**holes do things where I just can’t see that mutual attraction or lust can make them worth it. In this book it wasn’t because most of the acts themselves were really that bad, but the fact that the acts are so childish.

I don’t care how hot a guy is or how much lust I’m feeling, if he behave like a 2nd grader while he is in college, he just isn’t worth it. This group of bullies, a.k.a The Council, are the richest in the private college and have the most influence, but they have been bullying others as a group since grade school and never grew out of it. They target Ivy because she comes from a poor background which is a stupid reason to begin with. I can see it at a private high school, but college? No.

They do things like calling her Trailer Trash in front of a bunch of people and tell her she doesn’t belong there. They talk loudly about how fat she is and what she probably ate as a poor person. They draw unflattering pictures of her and pass them around the class as a note.

I had a hard time with this because the heroine and other people in the classes don’t call them out for how grade school their actions are. I would do my best to shame them for being so adolescent and moronic. It isn’t until half way through the book that Ivy and her roommate even mention how immature one of the stunts was.

I’m pretty sure even though they say they don’t want Ivy there because she is poor, the real reason has more to do with the fact that recently (after her mother died) Ivy found out that her father is a famous movie star and he paid for her to go to the private college. One of the two girls on The Council is Ivy’s half-sister Heather who hates her on sight.

Despite the fact that much of the bullying is extremely juvenile, it does escalate and the book is getting more interesting. I will be reading on to the next book. The heat index on this one was only two flames out of five, but hopefully that will go up in the next book.


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