Capture (Siren, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Capture (Siren #1)

Capture by Tiger Tarantino

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twenty years go, the Roane family took power, shoving the leaders who opposed them out with bribes, threats, or force. Money’s not a shit motivation, but when it’s the only one, it kills. 

If no one’ll make them carry the weight of the lives they’ve ended, I will. 

By the time Calder Roane breathes his last, he’ll know every ounce of pain inflicted on me and mine. There’s nothing a capitalist can build that a steelworker can’t dismantle. 

BLURB: Capture (Siren, #1)

Wow! That was unexpectedly good

I chose this book because it sounded a bit different, but I still expected this to be a hate to love romance about two characters from rival families. Though what I got was reminiscent of the Saw movies. I generally don’t read too much horror, but I couldn’t turn away. This was so good and it is a romance as well so that was a plus. Though It did end in a cliffhanger and there are a total of six books in this series.

The main character is named Camilla or Milla for short. She has grown up tough after her father lost an election for mayor to George Roane after George cheated to get the office, using voter intimidation and other tactics. The information on her background is given mostly in flashbacks, but we do know that she currently works as a welder on at the shipyards. She is muscular and tough because she has to be, since she is the only woman working on crews full of men.

We also know that after losing the election, her family and neighborhood went down hill fast. When her father was mayor, he supported the unions and the shipyards, but Mayor Roane only cared about lining his own pockets. Milla now lives alone in the house she grew up in but where she really feels at home is on called the Siren, the derelict ship near her house. The ship is all rusted metal and dangerous rooms, but she has set it all up to use as she enacts revenge on the Roane’s and anyone else who helped run the shipyards and her neighborhood into the ground.

Between bribes and doing everything on the cheap they have put everyone who works in the shipyards in danger of being hurt or killed due to poor working conditions. She holds them all responsible for the loss of her family as well. She has the ship set up similar to how Jigsaw set up his his traps in the Saw movies and she gets off on the killing.

We see Milla Kidnapping a guy from a charity benefit then later he is on her ship. At that same benefit, she meets Caulder Roane, who recently inherited Roane Industries after his mother died, his father having passed away first. She tries to stay away from him at that time, but she has piqued his interest and she has plans for him later. However later arrives soon after when he is at the shipyards and asks her for directions to a local bar.

Milla picks up a drunken Caulder at the bar and brings him to her house. They have a very erotic night together, and after he falls asleep she has him exactly where she wants him.

“Maybe to most people, it looks like the tremble and flutter of a new crush, but I know the bloodlust better than that. Thinking of all the ways I could kill him, all I can do is bite my lip and hope the right way speaks to me when the time comes. Maybe he’ll only get injured, and I’ll get to finish it myself. If that happens, maybe I’ll castrate him. Why should any of the rest of us live half-lives so that his family can thrive? A wicked laugh pushes through my reddened lips, and it takes me several minutes to calm the hysterical chuckles.“

This book went really fast since it was only 113 pages, but it was unexpected, it was interesting and I really enjoyed it. I will definitely read more of the series. I was pleasantly surprised with this one. There aren’t many books about women like this and though you feel for her, she is not quite right. She enjoys it all a bit too much. Caulder is a good guy and she is determined to think he is Ike his parents. I can’t wait to find out what happens next.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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