Birth of the Bacchae: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (Immortal Relics, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Birth of the Bacchae: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel (Immortal Relics Book 1)

Birth of the Bacchae: A New Adult Urban Fantasy Novel by Stephanie Mirro

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting take on Vampire origins and myths

This was a good story and a new take on the origins of the Vampires and myths surrounding Vampires. It also had a good storyline as to how the original Vampire(s) changed from being created from the blood of a God to Vampires being able to create or make other Vampires. The storylines were very detailed and the writing was done well.

I was a bit disappointed in the romance aspect. I mean most Vampire books are also romance novels due to the long history of vampires as romantic characters. Also even when the Vampires are the evil in the story there is generally a romance. Take Bram Stokers Dracula for example. This book has two main characters, one of which is Serafina who finds an amulet on a dig site and is drawn to the amulet so much that she feels it calling to her to touch it and put it on. The other is Solomon who is a Bacchae “Vampire”, that is tasked by his maker to follow Sera and get the amulet.

Sera has a boyfriend named Hiro who is an extremely minor character and Solomon dates Nora, Sera’s best friend to get information about Sera. Nora is also a somewhat minor character and later Solomon also has sex with Danae who is an immortal “his makers maker” who wants to be queen of the Vampires. But he doesn’t really like her. So there is no real romance in the story. I would’ve liked it if Hiro were just a good friend and there was a Romance between Solomon and Sera. Maybe a slow burn romance starting later in the book. But that is just me, I am a romance lover.

Overall though, the book was really very good and held my interest throughout. It had multiple storylines and they all were pretty fascinating.

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