Harley (West Coast Rock Star, #1). ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Harley (West Coast Rock Star #1)

Harley by Michelle Jo Quinn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Not your standard rock star romance

Too many rock star romances are the same basic three plots:

1. The Rockstar Hero meets the heroine and is attracted to her and gets her to go on tour with him and they fall in love.
2. The heroine joins the rock tour in some work capacity and falls for rock star.
3. The Rockstar needs a break and goes to a small town and falls for a local heroine.

In his story, the fact that the guy was a rock star was sort of background information. It was important to the story but it wasn’t the biggest part of the story. His being a Rockstar was just a way of showing that he was rich, a bad boy and that he had a semi-valid reason for his background with his daughter. Though no explanation is really good enough for not being there, but it happens.

I enjoyed the book quite a bit because it focused on the relationships. Jackson “Jax” is the Rock Star who recently got full custody of his daughter Harley, who is eight years old and has a heart defect. He hires a bodyguard for himself and one for his daughter. Cadence “Cade” is the bodyguard hired for Harley, who is old beyond her years from living with a mother who didn’t care about her and having a Dad who was on the road without time for her.

Jax wants to be more of a father but doesn’t know how. Though Cade and Harley have an immediate connection which allows Harley to start acting like a child for the first time in her life. Jax is attracted to Cade and also grateful for the way she is with his daughter.

The book is heartfelt and romantic and has a storyline about Cade’s family as well as Harley’s mother. The rest of the band was introduced as well as the band manager and some other interesting side characters. I would definitely read more of this series.

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