Minotaur: Blooded. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Minotaur: Blooded (The Bestial Tribe, #1)

Minotaur: Blooded by Naomi Lucas

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Crazy retelling of the Minotaur in the Labyrinth story

Aldora is a farm girl who is on her way home when she hears a voice from inside the Labyrinth. She fears that a human sacrifice somehow survived and is still trapped so she calls out and starts talking, only to find out she is not talking to a human at all. When the authorities catch her, they think she is a witch and so she is the next to be sacrificed.

She is caught and saved by the Minotaur Vadikas, who fights a bloody battle to keep her against all the other creatures that would use her for breeding, for her blood which has magical powers against the cursed fog or to eat her. Vadikas wants her because he was intrigued by her voice and also because his mother was human and he wants a human mate to help make his tribe strong again.

The story is pretty good, but it has a crazy ending that hits you out of nowhere. It was like what?????? Where did that come from?

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