The Baby Scandal – A Billionaire’s Secret Baby Romance ⭐️⭐️⭐️

The Baby Scandal - A Billionaire's Secret Baby Romance

The Baby Scandal – A Billionaire’s Secret Baby Romance by Layla Valentine

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Good scandal story, too much work background

I liked the overall premise of this book. The heroine, Grace is a decorator from New York, who is hired by this beautiful society lady Amelia Hornsby-Harris from her Penthouse to restore and decorate her and her husband David’s Victorian mansion in London. When Grace arrives at the mansion she expects the workers she hired to be there and working, but they aren’t due to a winter storm.

Grace is under a tight deadline in order to get the job done in time for a Christmas Eve Party, so she gets right or work stripping wall paper when one of the British contractors comes in. He is a handsome guy named Dan and Grace puts him right to work. They work together over the next two days and get close.

After getting together with Dan in her hotel room on the second night, Grace returns to the mansion the following Day to find Amelia and her husband David, who happens to be the same guy who said his name was Dan. The storyline about their relationship is great, though there could be more of it.

I kind of felt like the book focused a bit too much on the details of the decorating and what each room of the mansion and the penthouse and of each of Grace’s jobs were looking like, than the romance or the characters themselves. I didn’t really care that the dining room in the mansion would be too dark if the painted it the same colors that Amelia used in the dining room in her penthouse. It also made no difference to me that Grace put some extra white in the ceiling near the baseboards to open up the room and make it look a bit larger.

Other than that, I liked the romance between David and Grace. I liked how he felt so awful about everything and how much he missed her. I liked how Amelia was as a person, I thought she added credibility to the story. I also enjoyed the ending.

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