Shards of Frost (The Mercury Pack #5) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shards of Frost (The Mercury Pack, #5)

Shards of Frost by Suzanne Wright

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eli finally gets his happy ending

This was the final Mercury Pack book and it was pretty good. Some of the members of the Mercury Pack were introduced pretty early on in the Phoenix pack series along with Shayla when Nick first met her. Nick is the Alpha of the Mercury Pack, which didn’t exist back then. At that time he was the Alpha of a different pack. Eli is his brother.

We found out the story back then of the horrible things they endured when Roni was nearly raped by anti-shifter extremists, Nick killed one and was sent to Julie and Eli was forced to fight in illegal matches to the death in order to save Roni from a harem situation.

Since then life has been great in the Mercury Pack. I like the fact that Suzanne Wright adds all these new shifter creatures. At first it was mostly just wolves, then cats, then some birds and even a snake, but this time the true mate is a Mink. It is fun how she incorporates the way these smaller creatures would be able to fight into things since there is always some sort of battle scene. This one is pretty good though I won’t give away any more spoilers.

The romance between Eli and Casey is as hot as all get out. They know they are true mates from the first time they look into each other’s eyes and can barely get to her apartment before ripping each other’s clothes off. You can’t get much steamier than that. But there is tension and family drama. For a book that was over 400 pages, it went really fast. I love these books.

“Soccer training. Patrol. Visited my Alpha to tell him about you. Adrian is pleased for me, as is his Beta female, Clare. And now you and I need to leave before I make us late by wrestling you to the floor and riding you like a pony.” 

He groaned. “I love your honesty. I have no objections to you riding me.” 

There was a side story about Cain finding his true mate and I wish that would have been a separate book. I thin that would have been awesome. I love sociopaths finding love. Though he said it wasn’t love, but that was before.

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